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The 3-Step Journey of a Remarkable Piece of Content

You know it when you’ve read it. It’s that blog post, article, video, or speech that changes you.

It touches you. You are so affected by its message, you can’t help but share it.

We’ve all experienced content like this. But do we know how to create it? That’s the question. Because consistently creating remarkable content over time is what it’s all about.

And you’re aiming to create content that makes people pay attention, think, and feel.

And, as +Pamela Wilson explains in tomorrow's post, remarkable content takes a three-step journey.

And as content creators, if we keep this journey in mind, we can craft an experience for our readers that will have a profound effect on them.

Stay tuned. 

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I liked the way you broke the post into a three step journey.

I'd add that great content should entertain, educate, inform or inspire readers.
Thanks for the thoughts.  Been blogging for about two years with so so success.  Doing some of what you suggested.  I have a blogger site and  I have not figured out if I can block quote there yet.  Though I would like too.  Feel free to check me out if you feel so inclined.  I am sure you get requests like that all the time so no offense taken if you don't have time.  Find me at  Thanks again
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