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Announcing: A Breakthrough Resource for Your Content Creation

Finally, after years of clumsy, clunky automated tools for "spinning," scraping, regurgitating, and extruding low-quality content, we've found a solution.

This resource produces sharp, smart, audience-engaging content every time.

Over time, it even calibrates itself to produce more effective headlines, to optimize content for your audience, and to automatically generate semantically relevant alternative keyword phrases.

Want to know more? In tomorrow's post  +Sonia Simone will let the cat out of the bag.

Update: The post is now live:

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+Copyblogger did you make the NewsPro template? Can you update it to take advantage of G+ larger images on link embeds?

It'd also be nice to have some various schemas like technical article, article, review, book.
Sounds like you've been reading +Jeff Goins'  Writer's Manifesto. You are a real writer, so go write, and we'll certify that you can...
Fun post but the headline had me holding my breath for the announcement that the New Rainmaker Platform was finally to be unveiled (sad trombone ).
Audrey? Is that you, Audrey?
I already had my credit card out and my vacation booked, so naturally I was pretty disappointed when I got to the end of the post ;)
If you had called it RW instead of RealWriter, I'd have believed it just a second longer.
I hope it's not too pricey! (And not an April Fools joke.) But if so, well done! Looking forward to the email.
+Hashim Warren Don't worry, we have a proper April 1 post for everyone this year as well. :) 

+Merlene Paynter it honestly is coming very soon. :) The dev team is just polishing some final details to make sure it's as user-friendly as we want it to be.
+John Richardson I got the idea for this post ages ago after reading about all of the insane "spinning" and other content generation tools that some of the not-so-good SEO community was recommending.
Darn!  Thought this was Finally the real deal.  Guess I'll have to keep on scrapin'  :-)
This is awesome! Shut up and take my money!
Sonia - this cracked me up, which is a nice way to start my Monday. :-) My goal for April is to complete the certification program, so your timing is perfect in terms of reinforcing my plan. Thank you!
Can't wait this sounds like just what I need!
I'm throwing money at the screen, but nothing is happening!
Humorous that some of you think this is an April Fool's joke. What Sonia is describing is as real as it gets.
I'm already on the inside. Kahaha. Feels so gooood.

Now I need to write something good enough to pass.

Btw, exquisite writing +Sonia Simone . I was all "NO WAY COPYBLOGGER SUPPORTS SOME CHEESY SOFTWARE" and 2 hours later I was like "Wait a minute", then I read the post in detail and was like "I see what you did there. Well played. Well played."

Seldom happens to me from reading a blog post.
I hope everyone realizes what tomorrow is. Can't wait to see the follow up post on April first. 
Oh, we'll have a super serious and special post for you all tomorrow. Fear not.

+Owen Hemsath There's a lot of silly in my DNA. Can't seem to do anything about it. :) 

+Martin Jul Hammer  The team is looking forward to seeing your app. :) You too, +Alison Lueders !
This site has the most awesome info for writers.  Can't wait to see what's revealed!
I'm NOBODY'S Fool. I call a solid April Fools on Sonia Simone. I'd be so depressed about life if writing was this easy. I want to put EFFORT into it, not have some dumb machine do it for me!
Clever April Fools joke Sonia. You should be advised that clever writing does not trigger conversions.
You guys get an A+ for the "Suspense Award."  :-)
If, on the other hand, this is not an April Fools joke, with software like "RealWriter" (and I STILL have trouble believing this nonsense) content marketing becomes a game of money. With every major corporation using "RealWriter" we will soon be wading through terabytes of "premium content". Top notch content will be a game of money and automation, then mass production. Ugh. Please let this be an April Fools joke. If it is not, I will be driven to drink massive quantities of Jack Daniels and smoke Cuban cigars to death.
Real happy to read this. Real clever writing +Sonia Simone. You almost had me there for a few moments of omg not you too Copyblogger. Was about to cancel my attendance to the Denver conference ... and then I got it. Love it when real writing makes me think. 
"RealWriter is available in all human languages (plus Klingon)"

Does that include fictional human languages? I'd be sold if it could do Dothraki.
+David Boozer I'm pretty sure that's the first time anyone has ever said that to me.

+Robert van Tongeren Good question. I don't think GRRM gave enough information for a geek community to develop a full on Dothraki tradition. Bet we could find someone in Elvish, tho. 

+JD Ebberly You always leave me speechless, JD, and that is not an easy thing to do.
lol. +Sonia Simone always a first time for everything...=) I loved the post Sonia and look forward to the new program!
Ah +Sonia Simone, but you must never underestimate the geek community. They are working on it. Give it time ;)

And in the meantime, I'll settle for hodor-speak. Though I have mastered its vocabulary, I have yet to grasp all its grammatical intricacies.
I love to write, but I am sure I am the exception... however, I have a hard time endorsing programs/systems that simply spin content.   In my 'moral' world, this is cheating.  Why not either write your own content OR hire a quality writer?  At the end of the day the world (and Google) is expecting QUALITY posts that ADD value to the person seeking the information.  In my business, online marketing, I have found that it is not the NUMBER of posts, but the Quality and VALUE of the posts I write.   Sorry, but I am a firm believer of doing what is right for the customer, and spinning thousands of articles throughout the web simply clutter up the system.   Imagine being a college professor, and all your masters students are spinning the same thesis topic.  If I were that professor I would fail every student.   What happened to creativity and quality.   Why not write ONE inspirational article and that article goes VIRAL because it contains GOOD information?    Best of luck.
I am super excited for this. There are so many freelance programs out there, but so few take the time to actually say / do the whole "we tested this person before offering them up to you" and giving the consumer that safe guard.

I already let a couple super amazing writers that I am friends with know about this.
Maaan, and here I'm going to be gone tomorrow. Can I just mail a blank check?  Or maybe I can leave it with one of my fellow Copybloggers.  I trust you guys and this product sounds THAT amazing. I never have to worry about my Klingon translations again!

Awesome! (buy' ngop!)
I was in stitches by the 3rd paragraph and "dead" by Klingon translation!  But you guys are killing me with all the new stuff you're dropping at the same time...I'm waiting impatiently for New Rainmaker and now this?  Sigh!  Guess I'll just give you access to my bank account... take what you want and gimmie all the good stuff you keep sending our way :)
This is hilarious and I guess we're all a bunch of April Fools. 
When I first saw this in my inbox I was extremely disappointed that you guys at Copyblogger would be promoting an article spinner until I started reading the entire article. 
Good on you!
If you are in Authority, the bells would have been ringing after the first paragraph. But that didn't stop me snorting my coffee this morning when I first read the post. Charmed as always, +Sonia Simone 
Just for the record, if Copyblogger ever actually promotes article spinning software, you can be very sure that we have been kidnapped by evildoers and +Brian Clark and I are tied up in the basement. Come rescue us! 
+Patrick Johnson-Cheatham Yeah, that mattered to us a lot. If the certification was something you could just buy, that would be incredibly lame. 

We have a bunch of businesses that ask us if we know where to find solid writers who understand content the way we teach it -- this is a way for us to say, "Yes, yes we do."
+Sonia Simone The one place I would recommend content spinning software - changing the manufacturer's product descriptions if you're doing SEO for a large ecommerce site.

It's the only cost effective way to not get buried in SERPS because you have duplicate content.

Even then I would sill use RealWriter to check for gibberish, and eventually produce original descriptions for the most important SKUs..

I have Ubot Studio on my buy list, but haven't pitched it to my boss yet.
You had me at Klingon.

Just let me know when and where to pay my money.
Your post was obviously lifted from a real online business, and you merely changed the brand to "RealWriter", right? If yes, you need a good lawyer. But she's busy with the National Sheep Agency, NSA, just now, trying to get approval for a new Save The Sheep From Wolves device, against stiff opposition on the grounds it causes the predators headache. But for 200 paper-cut self-adhesive fish I can still give you her phone number.
+Sonia Simone this is the post that made me sign up for certification.  I personally thought it was very clever. And yes, I did have a motive of wanting to learn to become a better writer, and make more money. What can possibly be wrong with that? 
Hahaha, I just read the post and literally LOL'd in the office. It was quiet for a long time... then I burst into laughter! People were probably thinking I'm losing my marbles. 
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