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35 Blogging Tips to Woo Readers and Win Business

Let’s not pussyfoot around it.

Blogging is a lot of work. Hard work.

Generate new blog post ideas. Write weekly content. Promote posts via social media and email.

At times, we all wonder whether our blogging efforts are paying off. Do we need to keep plugging away? Write more? Promote more?

The thought of quitting might even creep up now and then. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about your next blog post? And have some extra time to go out with friends? Or to read a book?

But the benefits of writing a business blog can be tremendous. Career-changing.

A blog can generate search traffic, help build your authority, and generate leads. Your blog forms the nerve center of your social media activities.

Many case studies exist of companies and solo-entrepreneurs whose blogs fuel their businesses. In my case, blog posts generate almost all of my business leads.

So how can you make your business blog a raving success? How can you engage your readers? And win business? Without working yourself to death?

In today’s post, +Henneke Duistermaat has collected the best advice to streamline your content creation, to engage your readers, and charm potential clients so that they come begging to work with you.

After you read, join the discussion below.
Henneke delivers business blogging tips to streamline your content creation, engage readers, and charm potential clients so that they beg to work with you.
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Thanks Henneke for all these useful tips about blogging.  As you so clearly explain, the focus should always be and remain on the audience we are building a relationship of trust with.

In the element when you say: "Scrap jargon, use simple words.", you are so right.  When I am learning something new, I want it to be explained in the most simple way.  It makes me more connect with the person who teaches than someone else trying to impress me with very specific or complex vocabulary.  It shows that the person who shares information actually sincerely cares about me, about the audience.

Long, big, complex and million-dollar-words are probably giving you bonus points in your PhD thesis, but not on a blog post!
+Henneke Duistermaat - what's stood out most to me is #20 - use examples.  I've been working on incorporating them more in my writing, and am finding that ideas are made more 'sticky' that way, and it really gives readers a more tangible feeling about what I'm writing about.  So far, the response has been good - so I'll be sure to do that regularly.  

As always - wonderful to read your work!
Awesome post!
I was reading through the post and when I hit #9 - define your blog's purpose - I suddenly got an idea for a guest post I could pitch. Thank you for that.
Also, I had been resisting #35 - guest posting - for several months. Thankfully I've gotten over my fear (I hope) of pitching.
Great post! Thank you!!! 
+F Raphael, yep, I'm totally with you - it makes me feel miserable when people try to impress me with their complex vocabulary.

+Sonia Thompson - good point about the stickiness of examples; glad to hear the examples are working for you. :)
Wonderful post. The point about empathy struck me most. Whether in blogging or business, when you make the other person feel like you really understand them, then magical things happen.

The kitchen timer is a great idea as well. I use this iphone app called 30/30 which really helps. Great to get out of that chair every now and then to stretch, unless of course you use a standing desk like Ernest Hemingway.
Terrifying post. As a pro writer for major internationals for over 25 years, I reckon to write a blog based on these tips would take around 6/8 hours to write properly. Plus, I have nothing to say to my clients. Why should I give them advice for free? Fortunately, I know they all hate social media. They don't see the point, and they don't have the time. They have businesses to run. Who was it said that, in the California gold rush, the people who got rich were not the prospectors, but the people who sold the shovels? I love Copyblogger by the way!
What great timing. I just say down this afternoon to write a blog. Ended up going to the pool. Lack if creativity. 
Okay, I've got to look for people to alienate. Who knew? And ask more questions. I like that one. Thanks. I'm printing this one and keeping it visible!
+Henneke Duistermaat, Thanks for the helpful reminders. The point about being useful to the reader and engaging are key factors for attracting my attention and therefore I'd always prioritise that in my posts.
That was fantastic +Henneke Duistermaat

First, thanks so much for linking to my social media promotion checklist! What a pleasant surprise.

And as to what jumped out at me... it was actually the email list. I've been slowly building one, and send out weekly newsletter summaries of that week's post, but the way you phrased it really encouraged me to come up with specific auto responders for new subscribers. I immediately jumped over to Evernote and began working on some ideas.

Thanks for that!
I'm always happy to link to good information, +Mike Allton :)  I only recently created my own autoresponder series and I've been happily surprised by the results. Emailing new subscribers more frequently seems to boost open rates and interaction.
Fantastic article, I am quite new to blogging and this is very helpful.
Thank you.
Thank you! Just started a new blog! Will keep these things in mind! No. 14 especially is a great company!
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