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4 Simple Steps to Writing a Blog Post That Floods Your Inbox with Inquiries

Are your blog posts helping you win clients?

Blogging helps boost your authority, drive relevant traffic, and generate leads.

But are your blog posts working for your business?

Although business blogging is a longterm strategy, you can employ a few smart tactics to one single post in order to generate meaningful leads.

Not just one lead. But a handful or more of quality leads.

And in tomorrow's post,  +Henneke Duistermaat will show you exactly how she stumbled upon this four-step formula, and how you can apply this method to your business.

Stay tuned. 

Update: post is now live:

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MJ Bush
Thank you for another great article, +Henneke Duistermaat.

My only question is this: what do you do when a host changes your writing, turning it into a wall of text and your nice punchy sentences into run-ons (for a blog post, anyway)? Do you just not guest post there again, even if it's one of the two site owners that does it and you usually work with the other?
+MJ Bush, my view is that as online writers we have to be protective of our own voice. When content is published under our names, we should be proud of that content. It's very unfortunate that your post has been edited extensively without this being checked with you. I'd be seriously upset by that.

I would go back to the editor of the host blog and explain that you're a little uneasy that the post doesn't quite sound like your own voice, and whether it's possible to have edits checked with you in the future. If they don't want to check with you, then I wouldn't publish there again. Minor edits are fine of course.

I find it very unprofessional if edits are made without checking with the writer!
MJ Bush
Yes, well... She checked with me but ignored my comments.

I suppose I could just state that I will only work with the editor that doesn't do that. What do you think?
+MJ Bush I think that's as bad as not asking for feedback. Unprofessional and unacceptable.

Yes, you could ask to work with the other editor - it depends how well you know him/her (and how important it is for you to guest post for them).
Thank you for the kind words about my first post Henneke! It was a labor of love :)

You're so spot on about everything - but especially the personality bit. When guest posting, your voice needs to stand out and it needs to follow through to your blog, newsletter or where ever the link in your bio leads to.
+Henneke Duistermaat you are a genius. This post has more than 6800 shares alltogether. I am going to read and translate this, as i always do. Anyway, you are my favourite copywriter who i can learn a lot from. :)
you wrote that we should apply these tips if we have services. If i am a car dealer, or any kind of trader, dealer, i shouldnt?
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