How to Use Visual Hierarchy To Create Clear and Easy-to-Read Web Pages

Imagine you’ve entered a cave.

Your eyes slowly adjust to your surroundings and begin to make out the shapes and forms around you

You see three doorways: they’re equal in size, and all the same distance from where you stand. How do you choose where to go first?

You’re frustrated, because you don’t have enough information to make a decision. All you can do is guess.

Now imagine you’ve entered a second cave.

In this one, there’s one large doorway before you. It says “Tours” and is wide and well-lit.

To one side, there’s a small doorway with a window in it that says “Tickets” above it. Next to it is a nondescript door that says “Employees only.”

In this cave you know exactly what to do.

You’re here for a tour, so you walk up to the ticket window, buy your ticket, and walk through the door that says “Tours.”

Your website is like a dark cave. And in tomorrow's post +Pamela Wilson will explain how to guide your visitors effortlessly through this cave with a simple 3-step thought process.

Update: Post is now live:
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