Are you a hunter or a farmer?

Traditional sales people are analogous to hunters. They stalk their “prey” in hopes of a “killing” that they can return back to the tribe as food (or more to the point, revenue).

In contrast, content marketers share the traits of farmers. They plant seeds and nurture crops that will eventually grow over time into food.

Both hunters and farmers have the same objectives and their own set of challenges.

But the farmer has a major advantage over the hunter.

While the hunters must go into new territories each day to stalk their prey, farmers stay in one place, planting new seeds and reaping the fruits of their efforts on the same ground they have toiled over already.

In return, the land they till becomes infinitely more valuable because it can consistently reap a harvest without the hits and misses of hunting.

It’s no different in business, as +Sean Jackson explains in today's post.
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