How Successful Writers Curate Ideas

Successful writers have found ways to overcome the trepidation of the blank page, and most don’t even consider “writer’s block” to be a real thing.

So what is it that separates these writers from you and me? Well, that will be the topic of tomorrow's Lede. 

+Jerod Morris and +Demian Farnworth answer such questions like: 

 - What is Demian’s two-part framework for idea curation?
 - What are the three elements of a persuasive argument you should be actively looking for when you research?
 - What are the features of Evernote that it make it such a useful tool for idea curation?
 - What is a commonplace book? And how does it work?

And don't forget, we'll also answer these burning questions, too: 

 - Whose mustache does Jerod want to rip off?
 - Who is Demian’s favorite rapper?

Stay tuned. 

Update: post is live:

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