Never Fear Google Again: The Smart Person’s Guide to Guest Blogging Safely

It’s simple really — at least in theory.

You run a blog and want new material.

Others out there want some new exposure.

You offer would-be contributors a chance to share their material, and in return you get fresh content, expert insight, and perhaps even a day off.

But there are shadows behind the glossy exterior of guest blogging.

When you open up your blog for guest posts you might be immediately swarmed with spammy offers
You might accidentally allow worthless or shady links in the posts
You might even be punished by search engines like Google
What seems so simple can quickly turn into a hot mess.

So why even bother?

Because once you learn the right system to use with guest blogging, there are huge benefits available — and you never have to fear what Google might do to you.

+uttoran sen explains in tomorrow's post. Stay tuned. 

Update: the post is now live:

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