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The Pain-Free Guide to Generating Valuable Leads From Online Forums

Sue Campbell has seen forums more tedious than an office cocktail party — chock-full of people who want to talk about themselves and cozy up to important people.

Not to mention it’s a total time suck to wade through all the threads before you find anything interesting.

But it turns out, her attitude was a bit cynical.

She's recently found a different type of forum — one that changed her mind. You'll find out all about it in tomorrow's post. 

Stay tuned. 

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do these kind of teasing posts work? I just find them annoying as I want to read it NOW :) 
Hi Sue - thanks for including Freelance Writers Den in your post! We actually specifically added to our guidelines recently that we do NOT want our members soliciting other members via email or PMs, or viewing other writers as their prospects for active marketing. We're trying to keep writers focused on finding business or publication clients!  Since they are the bulk of the market...and it bugs members to feel like their membership has just made them a target of pitches.

That said, we do have a specific "referrals and job leads" forum that does get some posts from writers passing on gigs they don't want to do, or looking to sub out some work. And that's our accepted method of sharing those opportunities. I'd agree it's not a ton, and definitely not the main purpose of the group -- no one should join in hopes of getting referred gigs -- it's a learning and support platform.

We do have our exclusive Junk-Free Job Board for members, which culls from dozens of sources and cuts out all the $5-a-post type baloney you have to wade through elsewhere. I post many referrals to the community of gigs I'm passing on, both in that forum and on our board.

I recommend freelancers join forums and groups where their prime prospects hang out, rather than other freelancers, for prospecting amongst the membership.

I agree with you about looking to paid communities rather than free ones -- LinkedIn's forums to me, for instance, are a huge waste of time as so many people within the freelancer groups are gadflies/wannabes or otherwise not knowledgeable, and certainly not useful as prospects.

Again, thanks for including the Den --
Great points, Carol!

I'm a long-time member of the Freelance Writers Den and can speak to its value in my career, for sure!

Your boot camps and weekly educational sessions are heaven sent! And I've had great luck with the junk-free job board.

I'm glad you agree with my assessment that that there are better forums for leads. I was a touch worried I'd offend you. ;)
Ash Roy
Excellent post Sue.

Thanks for sharing. I've been an authority member for at least a couple of years and I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been to the forums once.

No prizes for guessing what I'm going to do today! :-)
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