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Eulogy for a Blog

This morning on the blog, +Barry Feldman wrote a eulogy that, unfortunately, is appropriate for so many abandoned and ignored blogs languishing out there on the web.

It's a short post that is well worth your read, and it includes not only the reasons why blogs die ... but steps you can take to prevent it from happening to yours.


Discuss below ...
We gather here today to honor the memory of our friend, Web Log. That was his birth name. Most knew him simply as Blog.
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Great read...  as eulogies go, sadly, very fitting for many.
Personally, I think it is time for blogging 3.0. We need something different. We need a platform that is better organized, more collaborative, and one that causes readers to engage.

A place that we can call our own, yet one that ties in with all of our outposts across the web. One that is updated often, and provides a single point of contact for content.

While Facebook and to a lesser degree, G+, offer some of this functionality, it is pure folly for a company to build on rented land. I've seen some WP blogs with a huge assortment of plugins come close, but we need a rebirth. A platform, newly structured from the ground up, with full functionality built in. One that will power the next generation of bloggers. 

Any dreamers out there?
I almost had a heart attack! After reading the headline and the first few paragraphs, I thought Copyblogger, my muse, was going to stop publishing. I can't imagine doing my job without the support I get from your articles.
I am saddened to hear about Blog's passing. What a waste of talent and energy. Fortunately, a cure is available. This remedy, while not effortless, has been proven to help reduce Blog fatalities. Of course, success depends on the Blog's willingness to consistently follow the flexible regimen. Hopefully, your eulogy will help other Blogs seek treatment before it's too late. 
+Robert Botti From a small bit of the reaction to our decision to close comments, you'd think so. :-) But no, we're still here, alive and kicking. Doing our part to prevent exactly the outcome that +Barry Feldman describes.

+John Richardson You bring up some good points. It is a challenge to integrate everything. And building on rented land is never a solution. I do know that help is on the way ... in the form of the Rainmaker platform ...
+Jerod Morris I'm glad to hear that. Things seem like they are so complicated now, and so much revolves around the whims of Google
That's a shame. If only blog carried on regardless and pushed himself everyday without EVER giving up, his life would have been SO much longer, with more success than her could have ever imagined.
Man, I really loved that guy! I'm going to have to write about him on my page thing.
Is there no second coming? No rebirth? Or has Blog gone to rest only to get reincarnated as something more useful and valuable? Nonetheless, Blog shall always linger on in our hearts, in spirit.
It's good that we have a place to ... comment ... on the passing of a old friend. Alas, it is not an end, as we shall see.

"White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise." 
These clients stifle my creativity.  They trample my ability to reach out to the hearts of their potential clients. I'm stuck in boxex.  The internet offers so much more.  This should be a eulogy to the potential prospects. ha
Oh, how I needed this today!  I am about to launch my blog in a couple of days and for two years I have been reading Copyblogger articles and preparing. But the idea of networking took a backseat to the myriad details of the techie stuff.  But not now! Thanks for a HIGHLY creative and valuable post! :)
Every time I hear "Dearly beloved" I think of that Prince and the Revolution song ... Let's Go Crazy. I'd share a link to a video, but you know, Prince is not down with the Internet. 
Oh now, Demian.  Thanks for the earwing !!!   lol
My sympathies to all who knew and loved blog.
Love the feedback +LeeKemter, thanks.
I love the blog today. It was creative. And spoke the truth about how most of us relate ourselves with Blog.
This post was hilarious, but true.  
If only Blog behaved like a woman... she'd care about people, creating & nurturing relationships and sharing  rather than the masculine tendency towards power, rank, status,  competition, and achievement. And the Internet would be a better place.

BTW, interesting post to appear after comments have been turned off at Copyblogger. Yes, please let's make it more difficult for people to engage. Counter-intuitive if you ask me. (And I know you didn't.)
"To Blog or not to Blog", that is the question. "To Pod or not to Pod" that is another question; "To Vid or not to Vid" a third, more vexing question.
I guess it's "Go with your flow" and get communicating somehow, regularly, thoughtfully and generously.
Glad I joined GMail years ago and G+ more recently to be able to easily comment here, cos that's another hurdle for many, I think, having to join Fb / G / Pint / Link etc etc to 'join the conversation' ;-)
This is interesting, hilarious yet very informative and true. Very creative. Really need to have innovations for blog.
Blog was a good friend of mine. Man, the stories I could tell!! The time we went to's a wonder we weren't both arrested and thrown in the pokey! Blog and I worked together at two different nonprofits. In fact, I brought blog into my communications activities. But management didn't understand him and didn't appreciate the fact that even though he wasn't getting a ton of visitors every day, he was helping the organization's SEO. And so, each time I moved on, management let Blog just sit around with nothing to do. What a waste of fine talent. But it wasn't Blog's fault, it was the morons who couldn't see his value even when they were shown how his posts popped up high in organic searches for keywords.
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