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5 Tips for Turning Drab Information Into a Tantalizing Tutorial

Ever read a tutorial that was sooooo boring your mind kept wandering off?

Or perhaps you even fell asleep?

Tutorials can be mind-numbingly dull.

But why?

Why are many how-to articles so monotonous and drab?

With a little effort and a few simple tricks, even the most boring topic can be turned into an inspirational tutorial.

+Henneke Duistermaat will tell you how in tomorrow's post. 

Stay tuned. 

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+Henneke Duistermaat - I knew you wrote this just by reading the title! :)  I'm working on pt. #2 - vivid examples with a dash of fun.  Sometimes my posts are videos, and I tend to have a lot of fun with those.  It breaks things up, and the visual depiction of a point helps the message stick.  See you tomorrow!
This wasn't explicitly mentioned as a tip in the post, but I'm going to work the word "tantalizing" into my next blog title!
To get someone with tantalizing copy takes skill, no doubt and henneke's 5 tips light a clear path.

To get someone to overcome their doubts and to really take action is more of an inner obstacle you can remove by positioning them to  see themselves on a crusade, on a mission, their actions actually making a difference in the world.

A creative entrepreneur complained to me after a workshop about how difficult it is to raise capital.  "Its too much work researching people, calling them, getting denied, who needs it!"

Actually, what I heard was not that it was hard work, but that he could not bring himself to taking action because of what he perceived to be the outcome.  When he told me how passionately he believed in his work and his business, I asked him if the world would be a better place if more people knew about him.

"Hell yeah!"  he answered, eyes bright.

From that point on, it was easy for him to visualize himself doing the work because, yes, he was on a mission.

And in his eyes, I am an authority.

What you, as a teacher will inspire with tantalizing copy, they will connect with their passion and blaze forward.

Great post, Henneke!

I knew it was +Henneke Duistermaat from the headline as well. Who needs bylines at +Copyblogger? We've all got your numbers!

I'm taking Henneke's blogging course. Enchanting?...yes! A whole lot of sweat equity? Are you surprised? 
Using beautiful typography is another strategy that I like to use to capture my audience's attention.
I have just discovered the importance of copywriting in my marketing. I usually never read ebooks. But your blogs has wet my appetite to devour your ebooks. Thanks for grabbing me by my eyeballs and almost forcing me to read your awesome post. I imagine that your Ebooks are just as well writen.
Henneke, you're one of the best bloggers I follow! 
+Henneke Duistermaat thanks for another great post.

Adding visual content as you do with your own blog posts is another element in turning drab information into a tantalizing tutorial. Especially given that most of us are better at visually digesting information. 

+Edmund Yeo beautiful typography can add that visual element so I agree with you on that one, as long as it fits the context of the tutorial and information. 
+Vinay Koshy - I absolutely agree. Visual content, typography, good formatting of content - they all make a big difference.
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