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Take Action Today. Breathe Better Tomorrow.
Take Action Today. Breathe Better Tomorrow.

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Calling All Supplemental Oxygen Users
We have teamed up with healthcare providers, oxygen suppliers, insurance companies, Medicare, and others to better understand what types of home oxygen services are being used, and what kinds of challenges and problems patients face. The results of this survey will be published and used to develop strategies to help us improve access to O2. Help us, help you.
Take the survey today:

"I am new to this site and am seeking help. My mom has COPD. I am unsure of what 'stage' she is at. She is on O2 at home with a continuous concentrator that she uses at night (always) or when she feels she needs it at home during the day. Is a portable 02 concentrator the way to go or does she require a large(r) unit just to get around? She feels that a portable 02 concentrator is the solution to the problems, but she needs to stop and rest even when she has the small travel 02 canisters."
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In a series of brief videos, the COPD Foundation’s Director of Education Scott Cerreta provides an overview of inhalers and their use and demonstrates 11 different inhalers.
All of these videos are free to the user and can be watched an unlimited number of times via the Foundation’s YouTube channel. Included is a description of the inhaler type, the type of medication it delivers, and both audio and video instructions on its use. Take a look!

"Why do I become short of breath when my heart-rate increases even if said increase is not due to increased physical exertion or activity? I exercise daily and do not think this is due to deconditioning, but a hot bath, upsetting news, or other sedentary situations that increase my heart-rate seem to bring on breathing difficulties even with high O2 saturation."

"Is money a deciding factor to attend pulmonary rehab or exercise classes? If these classes were accessible for a small weekly fee, would that make attending them more appealing?" Join the conversation on COPD360social:

The Global Emergence of Unregulated Stem Cell Treatments for Respiratory Diseases: Professional Societies Need to Act -

Harmonicas for Health- Making Breathing Fun: Playing a harmonica is the perfect way to get people to practice pursed lips breathing without realizing it. By blowing out into the tiny holes in the mouthpiece, COPD patients are practicing the PLB technique and getting the benefit while having fun. By breathing in through those same tiny holes, the person begins to exercise and strengthen their breathing muscles. And the best part is they don’t have to read music or have any musical experience to practice.
Learn more:

"I've had COPD for a number of years and recently I've had symptoms that are new. When I'm moving around preparing to get dressed I have become short of breath and I perspire so badly that my hair gets wet. I become so weak that I have to give up. Has anyone had this or know the possible cause?"
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We recently sat down with Cara Pasquale, MPH, Project Director for the COPD Patient-Powered Research Network, to learn more about the initiative and how health care providers can support this work:

"Has anyone had stem cell therapy and found improvement? What is the Foundation's position on stem cell therapy?"
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