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Cooksterz Littlefield
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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Added my 777th photographer to my "Photographers in Art" Circle. This is primarily my GO TO circle for quality, inspiring and talented photographers! 
I like the number seven, so i thought i would mark the day, after the blood moon eclipse, and share the stunning visual creations by +Karsten Pohlmann  #777
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Thank you for sharing +Cooksterz Littlefield 
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Gorgeous night for Total lunar eclipse Nikon shooting! #lunareclipse #eclipse 
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Thank You +Mai Huong it was worth the sleepy eyes today to see it all :D
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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Texas Ice Service Since 1946 Old outside walk-in Ice Box and Cooler still as awesome as ever
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Nice ride North to Texas Ice House - Texas Ice Service. Even though I dont drink beer, I'll always love this old Ice House on Blanco! #texasicehouse  
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+monokoter Ditto! #2 bus and lived near Nimitz and then in the 80's on Mandalay. :D +Mike Bagby Flies. The reflection from the water is suppose to thwart them, although i always put a penny in the corner!
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Today's Coastal Tree Skeleton comes to you from Rockport, TX Area, on the Copano Bay Side. Love the shell hangings and glad I revisited these 2012 shots!  +Tree Tuesday  #treetuesday  
Curators: +Christina Lawrie +Shannon S. Myers +Allan Cabrera +Kim Troutman and +Ralph Mendoza 
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+Lawrence Kuykendall Oh Spikey! It must of fallen, it was dead, but wont be forgotten! Wonder if the shell strings are still out there!? I miss Rockport and you too!
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Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclispe
2 shots worthy of 4:08 am posting. Goodnight Moon and thanks for hanging in the Umbra! #eclipse    #lunareclipse  
Richie Rich will be back by FIESTA's profile photoCooksterz Littlefield's profile photoluis fernandes's profile photo
+luis fernandes Im sure your stream has you cursing the clouds! Sorry :(  S. Texas got a clear night!
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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Great night for Fiesta locals at Tony's
Wild Dawgs, back from Vegas and back in SA!
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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Fiesta prep is under way , under the bridge on Broadway. Celebrating with fried chicken at Pig Stand with friends! 
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Time to start the great memories!
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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Our Friend Patrick Henry got his Bike stolen from Downtown S.A. if you see it Please call (210)666-3891 or (404)401-8049 Thank You
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eh... welcome to the new normal.... on the plus side, concealed carry courses and tracking transmitters are cheaper than ever ;)
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Siclovia had a great turnout and lots more riders this time! Great to see San Antonians showing that we are truly a biking city!! #siclovia #sanantonio #biking  +Hemisfair +Siclovia
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