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Cooksterz Littlefield

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I came here to breathe.....
After a month or so of going on FB to add myself in the cycling and photog groups, i just cant breathe anymore. So much hate and fingerpointing and self-indulged individuals, who produce hot air and sharing of things ive seen months ago. Gosh its so toxic!! But i do say positively the cycling and artist group people are awesome in real life (we actually go out in the world and DO THINGS together) So ill stay just for that and try to clean up these racist, hater, bullies, extreme people in my timeline who have no content to offer, only crying and blaming.... How did this happen? I do accept "I told you so's" and "how could yous" for going there in the first place. Here is a photo, i took it out in the real world with real world skills and one of my dogs, and the river :) Ahhh i can breathe a little now. LOL
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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Let all your little lights shine. May the whole of them illume the darkness in this world. ~Cooksterz ^©^
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Awesome...looms in the dark like tenticals in the water
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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"Summer's sprawl embarks upon,
a measured unfold.
No obstruction of solarity,
for stories yet untold."
"Coming of Age Sunflower" by Cooksterz ^©^
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Beautiful! Words and photo! 
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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Upgrades to Windows 10 on the last day. Let us pray...
Bee Mosaic on the E. Houston St Bridge over Salado Creek 
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Hi back at ya! :-)
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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To me, they were rock stars. #gplus5 #gplus5yearsanniversary
My first Google related photowalk. I genuinely admired these photogs for their style, professionalism, artistic flair and adventure related shooting they portrayed. May 2012 I met them on a bike at Hemisfair. I watched them work and create, oogled all their gear, and then they went up in the tower, while i pedaled around bikeable river paths, and met them back at the Alamo! It really spurred my addiction to photography and inspired me to increase my knowledge, creativity and confidence in photographic endeavors. It introduced me to a full range of like minded people in my hometown, home state and beyond! Thank you +Jordana Wright +Lotus Carroll +Scott Jarvie and a few others that came along from Austin.
Google+ 5 year anniversary
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+Cooksterz Littlefield ok. I will let you know when i head that way
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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Cooksterz Littlefield

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Good People SA Soul Saturday on the Hays St. Bridge 7.17.2016 #goodpeopleSA   #eastside   Like a neighborhood block party, but bigger! People coming together on the Hays Street Bridge, and a blocked off Austin St, for music, food, activity, community, and growth! Thank you City Councilman Alan E. Warrick II Eastpoint San Antonio, SAFD, Bexar County Sheriff, SAPD, and Centro San Antonio. #soulsaturdaySA  
Great to see the high turnout, the vendors, the people and all the smiling positive faces coming together in unity! I even got the Sheriff's smiling! Thanks to the Bike Goddess for the night ride all around town, and to the beautiful Soul who gifted me with kindness and a hat.
Event Info:
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What a great display of community, +Cooksterz Littlefield !
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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The age old question. We all think it, then say... Gosh, I dont know! hehe
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Black and White
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Thanks All for the votes! I admit i voted for BW, but i already knew what color it was beforehand, Sometimes that makes the difference!
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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+Anita W​​ This may not be "bass" approved but it has 2 way Power and it gets 90.1 FM ... Fancy!! General Electric model 7-2929A and I use it most every day! Thanks GE +General Electric​​ #tbt FYI: My dad has the exact model at the country house so I purposely sought this one out. Excuse the photo from the Galaxy during Windows 10 upgrade
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+Christina Lihani​ me too and I would take the lil handheld tv to class to watch shows on breaks. I still have that radio shack tv
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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The impressive color and arch of the Shrimp Plant. Justicia brandegeana False Hop #shrimpplant  From the even more impressive gardens of Trinity and Sandra :) My gifted cuttings are surviving and few blooms building up, but nothing like this tall corner array of Shrimp Plants - Feb 2016 North Central San Antonio +J. Trinity Cosby +Sandra Farris 
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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Turk's Cap Malvaviscus arboreus Sleeping Hibiscus and some impressive Bokeh #hibiscus  
Hokey notes: Taken while maneuvering focal and flash modes in manual "compulsory strobe return" with a homemade diffuser in outdoor light (did i mention wind) . I will always be thanking the CBBA G+ Mentorship class #cbba2016 when i use my settings! +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers 
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Nice beautiful color
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Cooksterz Littlefield

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When the heat index goes above 100° in San Antonio, this is where you wanna be! :D Stay in the safety of the shade. San Antonio Riverwalk at Navarro Bridge. #riverwalk #sanantonio   #treetuesday  +Tree Tuesday +Kim Troutman +Ralph Mendoza +Allan Cabrera +Christina Lawrie  +David R Robinson 
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+Cooksterz Littlefield man we get that weather if we are lucky, its usually around 95° by that time!!! 😨😨😨😨
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