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Setting the gold standard for virtual assistants - (

We like to toot our own our a little bit, but that's only because the competition is lacking. Here is how we set the gold standard:

When we started Conversational, we took requests from clients and reviews online to determine what the most appreciated and useful features of virtual assistants. We wanted to be innovative, and client-focused.

We took those ideas and began offering them to clients, and we did it well. We're 5-star rated on review sites like TrustPilot.

You can find virtual assistants all the time on sites like Upwork, but they may not be native English speakers, and they are probably completely unqualified. We have years of applicable experience, speak fluent English, and we work seamlessly for a company.

We have some comparisons to competitors in this blog below!

#VirtualAssistant #VirtualReceptionist #Freelance #smallbusiness #competition
Compare the most important and requested virtual assistant features to see how Conversational is setting the gold standard for virtual assistants.
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Have you ever swtiched from the competition?
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Phone Etiquette 101: Taking a Message - (

Many people started learning about phone etiquette as a child, but as cell phones and texting become more prevalent, not as many people know the correct way to take a message. Here are the things your receptionist should be doing:

1. Answer the call by the third ring
Longer than the third ring is just unprofessional

2. Use a professional, informative greeting
"Good afternoon! Thank you for calling Conversational Receptionists. My name is X. What can I do for you?"

3. Gather the right information
This includes:

*Caller's name
*Caller's business or company name
*The best phone number to return the call
*Short summary of the call
*Date and time of the call

4. Make sure you've got the correct info
This is easily taken care of by repeating the information back to them.

5. Deliver the message to the recipient
This may seem obvious, but it's easy to forget when someone receives a lot of calls.

And if your receptionist isn't doing all this, check out getting a virtual receptionist!

#PhoneEtiquette #Etiquette #Phone #CustomerService #Receptionist
The proper phone etiquette is essential when taking a message from a caller. Without visual cues, you're left with only your friendly voice to convey info
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Did we miss anything?
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How to handle the caller who won't calm down - (

Unfortunately, there are a wide range of people that you have to deal with in the customer service industry, and one of the most difficult kinds of callers is The Screamer.

The Screamer is seriously angry with your company, and they yell constantly. It's hard to handle them.

Here are our tips for dealing with angry callers:

1. Be firm but courteous
2. Be empathetic
3. Remain calm
4. Refer to facts, policies, and logic
5. Apologize genuinely (if applicable)
6. Brainstorm solutions

If the caller becomes abusive toward you, then you should end the exchange immediately. Abusive caller's hallmarks are insults, threatening language, shouting, and mocking. The best thing is to remind the caller you're recording the call, which can sometimes remind the caller to chill out.

#customerservice #screamer #callcenter #customers
How do you handle The Caller Who Won't Calm Down? It's simple, really. All you need are a few tried-and-true tactics that are proven to diffuse even the
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What do you do to get your caller to calm down?
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How can you cut administrative expenses? - (

When you're a new business, every dollar counts. You'll find pretty quickly that administrative expenses cost quite a big, and you really need more wiggle room. Here's our suggestions for cutting expenses:

Go green in your office

Reduce waste and encourage reusing items when possible. Go electronic, and save paper. Store documents online, and take notes on whiteboards. Invest in reusable dishes, rather than paper plates and cups. If you go solar-powered, you can get significant tax cuts as well.

Switch to a virtual receptionist

It's okay, we know you've heard it before. But a traditional receptionist is $35,000 per year, whereas we start as $129/month. Even our most expensive enterprise plan is still cheaper than a receptionist.

Decrease meetings

You lose money every time you take employees away from their work.

Hire smart and reward

You lose a lot of money by losing employees, on training costs alone.

Evaluate and negotiate

Check and see how big your office space is. Maybe switch away from office spaces altogether, and go virtual. See whether you can get your vendor items cheaper.

#expenses #finance #administration
Every dollar counts when it comes to your business so how can you cut administrative expenses? Small businesses know that every dollar spent counts, and the
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How do you cut your admin expenses?
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What do callers want in a receptionist? - (

Receptionists are the face of your business. Their tone can make or break people's interest in working with you further. So when you're training your receptionist, what are some key points to focus on?

Here's our ideas:

1. A prompt answer -- no one wants the phone to ring 1,000 times.
2. Polite but friendly -- keyword: friendly. Maybe encourage the receptionist to answer with a smile on their face.
3. Willing to go the extra mile -- this means calling around the office to get the desired answer.
4. Succinct and clear -- No one wants to get stuck on the phone for half an hour while someone chats with you.

Or, you could use our highly-rated virtual receptionists just starting at $129 per month, and skip the receptionist altogether!

#receptionist #customerservice #phoneskills #phonecalls
When someone calls your business, do you know what they want in a receptionist? Do they expect intense friendliness or a cool, professional tone?
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15 Things That Will Make the New Year Easier Than Last - (

2016 was a crazy year. We've lost a lot of celebrities, had several history-defining moments, and now we're looking to 2017. Here's our suggestions on how to make it a little easier to get through 2017:

1. Resolutions don't usually work out
2. Delegate tasks to your flunkies.
3. Download Evernote, Milk, or Trello to boost your productivity.
4. Insert shameless plug for virtual receptionist -- only $129/month
5. Take a 2-week vacation, not a 1-week vacation.
6. Cater your office parties -- don't do potlucks
7. Don't use your phone at meals
8. Get a virtual assistant.
9. Spend more time with your family, with the time you've saved with a virtual assistant and virtual receptionist
10. Declutter your office.
11. Meditate
12. Get a tax planner
13. Make a list of this year's successes
14. Don't get involved in other people's drama
15. Approach 2017 with a theme.

Make a resolution not to have any resolutions. ;)

#NewYearsResolutions #2017 #2016 #NewYear
2016 was difficult. You can take a few actions to make the new year easier than last year - check out our list of 15 ways to do it below!
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6 Ways to Create Positive Environment for Employees - (

When you make a positive workplace environment, your retention is higher, and hiring people is easier. Here's some tricks on how to create that retention, award-worthy environment:

Staff Appreciation Day - People like being appreciated. Don't you?
Staff feedback - You can offer times for staff members to talk to the owners, or create a feedback box.
Trustworthiness - Don't install cameras everywhere, and look through their receipts with a fine-tooth comb. They'll notice.
Staff outings - Plan football parties, or do casual Fridays.
Hire well - One bad apple can make a whole team toxic.
Clean up - Cleanliness affects people's mood. The cleaner the area, the happier your employees. Encourage them to clean their cubicles, too.

There's awards for the best employers, and that's because to attract the best talent, you need a good company to attract them too. Utilize our tips today!

#Employeesatisfaction #employees #recruitment #culture #companyculture
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4 Problems Virtual Receptionists Solve for Small Businesses - (

Outsourcing is a constant thing to evaluate, especially when you're a small business. In many cases, it's more expensive to outsource, but you also can get services as needed, vs. having someone on staff all the time.

Virtual receptionists solve many problems.

1. Cutting costs - Small businesses tend to worry about money. Virtual receptionists are only $129 per month to start, vs. a receptionist, which might be $129 per day.

2. Bad customer service - Finding people that are good at customer service is difficult, and is generally high turnover. Virtual receptionists solve that problem.

3. Missed calls - As we've talked about in great detail, missed calls = lost sales.

4. Low productivity - Virtual receptionists are just that: receptionists. They take the calls, meaning that your other employees can focus on high-priority items, rather than tedious concepts.

#productivity #smallbusiness #smallbiz #startup #receptionist
There are 4 problems virtual receptionists solve for small businesses - first, the issue of cutting costs further when all staff is essential is easily
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What problems do you have in small businesses?
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If a live person isn't answering your phone, you're losing customers - (

Everyone has called into a service and reached an automated voice service system. And then they promptly hang up or hit 0 or 1 to try and get to a real person. However, if they're hitting an automated system for the sales line, then you're absolutely losing customers.

Most customers absolutely hate automated phone systems. Frustration wrecks the customer service and makes them think negatively about your company. Automated phone systems feel impersonal and are usually inaccurate, especially if it won't let you enter numbers or words, and it's trying to interpret what you're saying.

It's inefficient -- you waste time trying to navigate the system to get what you want when you can get a live person on the phone with a virtual receptionist.

Skip the automation, and go with us today!

#automated #automation #phonecalls #customerservice
It all starts with how your business phone is answered. If a live person isn't answering your phone, you're losing customers.
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Do you use an automated phone system?
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5 Reasons Midlife Entrepreneurship Makes Sense - (

A midlife crisis can sometimes be a bad thing. It might mean spending money where you shouldn't, trying to recapture youth. Some people say it's time for midlifers to wind down, but if you're the type of person that gets enjoyment from new, challenging pursuits, then winding down doesn't make sense.

So why does midlife entrepreneurship work? Here are our 5 reasons:

1. More experience - you've been a part of more businesses, and seen what causes them to succeed (or fail.)

2. Fewer inhibitions - let's face care less about what other people think.

3. More wisdom - you're more able to deal with situations calmly and navigate through tough times and setbacks.

4. Fewer distractions - aka no new husband or young children.

5. More certainty - you've had longer to figure out what you want, and you're more certain of what types of things you like doing and what types of things you don't.

Midlife entrepreneurship is not a part of a midlife crisis. It's a great time to start a new business, including getting the credibility is deserves.

#entrepreneurship #midlife #midlifecrisis #startup
Here are 5 reasons midlife entrepreneurship makes sense for anyone who just doesn't see themselves "winding down" anytime soon.
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When did you start your business?
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3 virtual assistant features that will change the way you do business - (

We've talked quite a bit about how virtual receptionists can be a timesaver. But did you know that we also have virtual assistant packages, that are customizable for your needs? Here's some things that we can help with:

Invoicing and payments - Online payments are the worst, and so is trying to collect payment from other people. We can take care of that for you.

Recurring task management - Do you need help managing your calendar, appointment reminders, news curation, blog post proofreading and editing, paying bills, and dealing with emails? This stuff is mundane. Let us work on that for you, while you work on getting new business!

Reservations and planning - We can call the caterer, do your travel plans, and general administrative assistant tasks. We've got it all.

Are you ready to try this? Contact us today!

#virtualassistant #virtual #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #startup
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Do you have a virtual assistant?
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The Problem with Sending Business Calls to Voicemail - (

We get it. You're busy, especially when you're a startup entrepreneur. Sending a call to voicemail saves you time, and means that you can weed out all of those sales calls.

However, it's a major problem when you send customer calls to voicemail. The caller might not leave a voicemail and doesn't call back. The voice and call quality aren't assured so you might miss some critical information. If you don't watch it, your voicemail will fill up quickly.

It's also ineffective in terms of business communication. 27% of participants said they feel "burdened" by the idea of listening to a voicemail, and most people don't associate voicemails with good things.

80% of Millennials only use voicemail for urgent news. That means they won't leave a voicemail if they don't think it's urgent. You can call them back, but then you might end up playing phone tag. You might miss a sale. If that person is shopping around for a particular product, sending the call to voicemail might mean a missed opportunity.

So what should you do instead of voicemail?

You can hire a receptionist (at a high expense), or hire a virtual receptionist like us, for only $129 per month. We'll perform transfers, deliver your messages, or offer customer service.

Call us today!

#customerservice #voicemail #phonecalls #Millennials #virtualreceptionist
The problem with sending business calls to voicemail is that the scenario doesn't usually work out as planned, with your leads leaving detailed messages
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Do you ever send business calls to voicemail?
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Our staff is ready to answer your telephone, transfer calls, perform basic customer service, and take messages on behalf of your business. Take care of business while we take care of your calls!

The Right Virtual Receptionist or Answering Service

With the competition rising in many industries, it's vital to keep your clients happy with great customer service. 

Conversational can help you boost customer satisfaction by ensuring every caller is greeted by a friendly, live human being and by making missed calls a thing of the past. Our professional team of virtual receptionists and call answering specialists rely on their skill and experience to provide the best possible customer service to your callers.

What Makes Us Different from the Rest?

Unlike many other virtual receptionist providers, our team is strategically located in the United States and Canada. We are one of the few North American-only virtual receptionist and answering service companies.

Our team of professional receptionists has over 14 years of experience in the call center industry. Conversational is committed to providing the absolute best support and service for each of your clients. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about virtual receptionists and our monthly plans. 

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