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Simply the best training you can buy.
Simply the best training you can buy.

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Not all information is the same. It comes in different types--things we "know" like facts, concepts, and processes. Things we do like follow procedures and apply principles. And then problem-solving and troubleshooting. 

As a result, you should create training materials to match the type of information you want to convey. 

Here's a primer.

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Training is great, but it's important to test your employees to make sure they can do what they're supposed to do when the training is over.

Here's a pretty comprehensive overview of training and testing.

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There are many simple things you can do to make your training materials more effective.

One of the easiest is just applying some basic formatting to your written training materials.

Here are a handful of easy tips to put into practice.

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We've got some LADDER SAFETY tips and resources for you here--this standard is always on OSHA's Top Ten Most Cited List. Make sure you're doing things safely and avoid a citation or, worse, an incident.

It's tornado season--here are some Tornado Safety Tips for you, drawn from NOAA, OSHA, and more, along with helpful information, links, and a few fun videos way down at the bottom.

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Overview of the MSHA Part 46 Safety Training Requirements for US Surface Miners. Helpful stuff if you're in this business.

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Tips for motivating learners during training sessions so they'll be more motivated, engaged, and likely to apply the new knowledge, skills, and abilities on the job after the training session. All drawn from Robert Mager's book "Developing Attitude Toward Learning."

#mager   #training   #instructionaldesign   #learning   #learninganddevelopment  

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Some Humor--Safety and Workforce Training Suggestions for March Madness. #safety   #ehs   #ohsa   #finalfour   #marchmadness   #ncaa  
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