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Invest in Your Relationship with 10 Key Beliefs
14 February 2014

Invest in Your Relationship with 10 Key Beliefs| Mark Overton - Hardy J. Sellers III

When you commit yourselves to building a successful relationship, you recognize, lean on and use each other’s strengths for the benefit of the team.  Steadiness always comes from a firm base. Like a skyscraper being constructed high into the sky, builders must first dig low to give it a solid foundation. Only then can the structure rise to its full height. Your leadership development is like the foundation of a building.  The following 10 key beliefs can help you reinforce a strong foundation for future success.

1. Leaders Have a Positive Attitude
Your attitude determines your altitude.  Your attitude versus your solely your aptitude or ability determines your success.  A positive attitude allows you to soar with the eagles; a negative attitude will ultimately contribute to your crash and burn.  As a leader, you determine the attitude for your organization.  Successful people look at potential negative situations as opportunities to learn.  A positive attitude can turn any negative situation into a positive one, giving your team hope and encouragement.  People are drawn to those with a positive attitude for leadership.

2. Leaders Have Goals
A goal starts out with a dream.  Add a date to that dream and now you have a goal.  All leaders are goal-oriented.  They have a vision as to where they want to end up and a timetable to get there.  To decide upon your goals, start out with a dream. Surround yourself with dreamers; find some achievers instead of hanging around naysayers.  To enhance your leadership, make sure you have a dream.  Success is not an accident; it’s a planned event.

3. Leaders Discipline Themselves
Self-discipline is vital for success.  First you find your dream and turn it into a goal.  Now all you have to do is get to work achieving that goal.  The only place ‘success’ comes before ‘work’ is in the dictionary.  To succeed at anything, motivate yourself to push toward your dream.  Self-discipline means holding yourself to a higher standard.  Be your own best example; success is an inside job. 

4. Leaders Encourage Teamwork
Teamwork makes the dream work.  As a leader, it is your job to encourage teamwork in your organization. TEAM stands for Together Everyone Accomplishes More, and it is part attitude and part structure.  The attitude must start with the leader. The entire organization must understand it is a team, equal in importance and responsibility. The structure of the organization must allow different groups to work together, share resources, and most importantly, share the credit.  True success is not a solo event.

5. Leaders are Enthusiastic
Enthusiasm attracts people to you.  The enthusiasm of a group is determined by the enthusiasm of the leader.  Show your enthusiasm; you cannot light a fire with a wet match! If you want to know why there isn’t any excitement in your organization, look in the mirror.  Look and speak enthusiastically.  Success is something to be enthusiastic about!

6. Leaders go the Extra Mile
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little “extra.” You can exceed what is expected of you.  Do more than the minimum; don’t just get by. You can receive more than you expect and rise to the top.   The Book of Matthew heartens, “If someone demands that you go one mile, go with him two miles”.  Be prepared to work hard.  Success is found along the extra mile.

7. Leaders Learn from Failure
Failure is the teacher versus enemy of success.  We learn more from our defeats than from our victories.  View your setbacks with this attitude.  You must look at these defeats, setbacks and potholes on the road to success as what they really are … opportunities to learn.  Failure is only a detour; learn from your mistakes.  No one wants to follow a leader who has never failed; such a leader can’t relate.  The fortress of success is built with block of failure.
8. Leaders have a Mentor
A smart person learns from his own mistakes; a wise person learns from the mistakes of others.   Do you want to be the first through a minefield or do you want to follow someone who has made it through? A mentor is someone who has navigated a minefield and thereby knows where to step and where not to step.  He or she has made both good and bad decisions; you can learn from both.  A mentor’s greatest joy or legacy by giving to others and helping someone else grow, prosper and win. Success is easiest learned from the lives of successful people.  

9. Leaders Understand the Law of Sowing and Reaping
You learned while growing up that what goes around comes around.  Once you decide what it is you really want, learn to sow those seeds or pay forward.  If you want respect, then learn to sow the seeds of respect for others. If you want people to give 100 percent, then you must give 100 percent.  An organization gives back what it sees the leader giving.  To reap success, you must sow success.

10. Leaders Go on Faith
Faith can be defined as “the confident assurance that what is hoped for is going to happen.” As a leader, you can have faith the above beliefs will bring about the desired results. With a vision produced by faith, you can inspire those around you.  People like to follow those who know where they are going.  Faith is that confidence.  Success is in the mind before it is in the world
It’s your decision, backed up with action, to launch and live these beliefs. From the decision to have a positive attitude to deciding to step out in faith, you can build your foundation for success.  Godspeed and God’s continued blessings!
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The two points that resonated with me is #7) Leaders Learn from Failure and #8) Leaders have a Mentor (or, I would add, coach.) :) Thanks, +MO Consulting 
My friend and mentor John Maxwell recently wrote a book about learning from failure called "Sometime You Win Sometimes You Learn" I recommend it.
Thank you for sharing.  Lead With Giants offers a great opportunity for leaders to learn and grow.  I'm so glad to be a part of this leadership community!
I'm so happy you're with us +MO Consulting . But, you know what, I wish you were using a personal profile.  I'd feel a more personal connection.
Thank you Dan.  That's great feedback and I'll make that happen
#9 is important for self reflection. I think when leaders are willing to take the inward journey to discover how effective they are it is often reflected in their businesses. When they find something that is "not so glorious" and are willing to improve it personal growth and professional effectiveness are often desired outcomes.
Thank you Diane for commenting! The bitter of self-reflection can certainly lead to the better.
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