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Tabletop gaming by women for everyone.
Tabletop gaming by women for everyone.

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Hey West Coast! ConTessa is going to be at GeekGirlCon in Seattle September 30th-October 1st so come run a game with us! All ConTessa GMs will get TWO free passes to the con plus entry to a special dinner with the ConTessa staff as well as one of our coveted thank you bags! Sumbissions are do July 1st so sign up today with your favorite RPG, board game or card game! 

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Gen Con Event Registration is in 4 days! Check out our Events Page if you still need help deciding what you want to play!

And we're STILL accepting event submissions! You've waited long enough, sign up today!

Today's Featured GM is Rachelle B!

"I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons since I was 12 years old and my neighbor's Uncle Chip introduced to us the system. I had always been fascinated by fantasy, and this game had it all. When I was 18, I met my husband and I began DMing for his him and his friends and I've been the primary DM for my gaming group ever since! I'm currently 32 years old, so I actually have more experience as a DM than as a player.
I started with 2nd edition, and when I found out my little brother and his friends were interested in D&D, we moved on to 3.0 and 3.5 so we could play with them. I really enjoy 3.5 because it allows much more freedom with the choices you can make and with your imagination!
I'm really looking forward to running this event. I feel it will be a great way to broaden my horizons, try something new with my DM skills, and hopefully meet a lot of great people and make some new friends. I also expect to learn a lot about the other game systems, and gain some insights on how others run games."

Rachelle (pronounced "Rachel") will be running a ton of events for ConTessa this year! Her three D&D 3.5 adventures are "God of Valor" (RPG17107583), "The Oakhurst Blight (RPG17107658), and "Learn to Play: Dead Fire" (RPG17108901). She'll also be running a Mutants and Masterminds Adventure called "Superheroes" (RPG17107687). Wow!

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Are you ready for Gen Con 50 registration? Check out ConTessa's Event Schedule today and start adding games to your Wish List!

Today's Featured GM is Jen R!

From College Station, Texas, Jen is a teacher at Texas A&M and is excited about meeting new, like-minded people this year at Gen Con. She'll be running Nefarious, a short, fun game, that allows you to do corporate espionage, build inventions, and play an evil genius. Jen will be running her game during ConTessa's Bite Sized Games Block Thursday morning and you can sign up to play using the Game Code BGM17109998.

Want to run your own game with ConTessa? It's not to late to submit you event to us. Visit to learn more!

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Have you submitted your event for Gen Con yet? Get to it! We're still accepting submissions and would love to have you!

Today's Featured GM is Wendelyn Reischl!

Wendelyn will be running "Orc Hospital" a Protocol Adventure for ConTessa during Women's Game Night on Thursday. Use the Game Code RPG17107647 to sign up!

Wendelyn Reischl made her debut in the gaming industry in 2016 developing [NM 156] and contributing to Heaven’s Collapse; both for Post World Games. She wrote the Beijing city chapter for Cold Shadows RPG by Nocturnal Media in 2017 and is an active freelance RPG writer. Additionally, Wendelyn is the proud face of the Denver RPG meetup group, a "matchmaker" website for over 1,900 role players, and Vice President of Gamers Giving Inc. a charity organization that runs table top gaming events in the Denver metro area. Her goal is to expand, uplift and unite the gaming community

"I feel empowered by the Protocol System by Post World Games because as a GM-less system I can facilitate the rules without having to have all the answers about where the story will go and how to get the players to "buy in" to the plot. In Protocol everyone at the table is equal and all ideas are validated and shape the story, which I see as a very powerful way to uplift players and help them take the next step towards becoming game masters themselves. Gen Con 50 is my first Gen Con running game events and I feel the wonderful weight of our hobby's history behind me, urging me forward. People are the best part about Gen Con and I look forward to meeting exceptional role players and making new friends."

Check out all of ConTessa's events on our site or search ConTessa in the Gen Con Event Catalog to see all our amazing games, seminars and workshops!

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The event catalog for Gen Con 50 is now live but there's still time to sign up to run an event with ConTessa! Come run a game with us in a welcoming, diverse and AWESOME space!

Today's Featured Gen Con GM is John H!

John will be running a Swords & Wizardry Adventure for ConTessa and had this to say about the system,

"Swords & Wizardry is a great retro-clone of early Dungeons & Dragons with simple rules that can introduce new players to the world of RPGs!"

When asked what excited him most about running these games he simply said,

"I'm excited to play the gayest dungeon ever crawled."

John's S&W Event is "The Legend of Tom Cruise's Thighs" and will be so fabulous that there will be two chances to play! Thursday at noon during our Dungeons & Derivatives block (game code RPG17113285) and Saturday at 6pm during (you guessed it) Contessa's Pride Night.

You can also catch John running a LARP entitled "An Empty Page" alongside ConTessa's own Darcy Ross (game code LRP17108566) AND facilitating the panel "Running RPGs for Kids" (game code SEM17113956). As you can see, he's a total rockstar!

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Sign up to GM for ConTessa at Gen Con 50! We've got a huge space and still have open tables we need to fill. Check out to learn more!

Today's featured CM is Savannah!

Savannah Broadway is a Southern Illinois ex-pat currently living in Olympia, WA, and answers to both she/her and they/them. A freelance writer, editor, and developer, they are running a play test of their upcoming adventure, tentatively entitled "Spiders and Souffles", which involves a group of Drow attempting to run a restaurant. Savannah hopes players will enjoy the light-hearted take on the dark elves, as well as a curious host of subterranean restaurateurs.

Savannah looks forward to helping to create safe, fun-filled games and spaces for gamers of all kinds with the help of ConTessa. You can find her on Twitter at @purplegnomling, usually live-tweeting in-game exploits, like the marathon sessions of the Order of the Amber Die.

Sign up for Savannah's Pathfinder Playtest "Spiders and Souffles" using the game code RPG17112664.

You can see a list of all ConTessa's Gen Con Events Don't forget to check out our Workshops and Seminars too!

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It's not too late to submit your ConTessa event for Gen Con! Visit us at to sign up!

Today's featured GM is Amancay K. from Chicago!

She'll be running "Gods of the Fall: Rite of Spring" a Cypher adventure and has this to say, "I really like the story-based vibe of Cypher System, which cuts down on complicated dice rolling and stat sheets, and allows me to focus on making a rich and vibrant world for my players to interact with. Gods of the Fall taps into my love of mythology, and puts it in a cool dystopian/ hero's rise to power story line. I love getting to see the characters grow in power, and giving them some really complex ideas to wrestle with. I'm really happy to be back with Contessa. Last year's event was the first time I GM'd in public, and it gave me the confidence to run a biweekly campaign at home. At Gen Con you can also find me running 3 dance/ movement events under my name, Amancay Kugler, and also as a part of Acrobatica Infiniti: The Nerd Circus."

Want to be a player at Amancay's table? You can use the Game Code RPG17105426 when registration opens May 28th!

Be sure to check out all our games before registration opens at

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Gen Con 50 is getting closer and with event registration coming up on May 28th, we'd like to introduce you to some of our amazing GMs!

Today's featured GM is Luke E!

From Redford, MI, Luke prefers the pronouns he/him. He'll be running a Headspace Adventure, a system that he loves for taking the common unavoidable tabletalk and incorporating it into the game. In Headspace you don't roll to succeed, you roll to see what sort of complications come from your success and the emotions that occur when you're permanently mentally linked with your crew. He's excited for the possibilities of community building through storytelling and is so happy to be able to help create a safe space in which we can grow as storytellers together with Contessa.

Luke will be running two events for us this Year: A Headspace adventure called "It's Getting a Little Crowded in Her" (Use Game Code RPG17108902 if you'd like to register for this event) and Noisy Person Cards, Paracosm Press' party game to help discover weird & fun voices that you can use at the table (Game Code BGM17112657). You can also find Luke on twitter at @PunQuillity.
Want to get in on the GM action yourself? It's not too late to submit an event with ConTessa! Visit us at

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Check out our full event listing for this weekend's International Tabletop Weekend! Seats still available in many games, come play with us online!

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Join us as we make a triumphant return to the world of online gaming! Bring your own tools! There are a number of games already available!
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