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At the close of WWII, US allies created secret, "stay-behind" armies, designed to protect the population in the event of a Communist invasion. So why are they linked with terrorist groups?
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At this point, witnesses across the world have claimed to see UFOs, even taking photos or video documentation. But where are these strange lights and craft coming from -- and why do some people believe the government's involved?
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+Katie Herron I didnt find it, could you link it?
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Did you know that there's no systematic, comprehensive study of police shootings across the United States? Some blame a distaste for paperwork, while others think there's something sinister afoot.
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There is not one for England either.   When you can tell me how England counts their individuals then let me know.  As no country counts it the same way or as you said not completely as to what the truth really is.    You have not proved that you know anything about American Culture.  you told us your from England.  Worry about your country and we will worry about ours.
Yes a lot of people are killed by the police, but 99% of it is in self defense.    We have a running joke about gun s in this country.  more people are killed in cars and by hammers than by guns  so why isn't anyone trying to ban them.  if a person doesn't have a gun, then they will leave what ever they can get.  Go back and do some more research about your own country before you try to tell us what is wrong with ours.
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Join Ben and special guest Jonathan Strickland as they explore the rumors and facts surrounding the FCC's Open Internet ruling. 
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ISIS & TOR ~ dangerous access
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In an age of global connectivity, North Korea remains one of the most isolated -- and enigmatic -- countries on Earth. How much do we really know about it?
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new office new look but the same old stories you can find anywhere on the Internet:(
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It's no secret that religious extremists in the Middle East use kidnapping and robbery to generate income -- but they have investors as well. And, though you might not hear it in the news, many of these investors are US allies.
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Still gone.
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Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are two of the world's most well-known whistleblowers and secret leakers, but they're far from the only ones.
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what happen to the second case is similar to what happen to the guy that created a treatment for cancer with a 95% success rate and now its in jail in solitary can't be spoken to etc ....just goes to show the interest of whom is the government interested...and people keep voting...the sheep.
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What really landed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania? Who terrorized Los Angeles in 1942?
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+Brian Schlegel
I will look that up.
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It’s no secret that there are discrepancies between how the US legal system treats minorities - but to what degree? 
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+Martin Szoke
Smart enough? You're the one who think if I'm a cop and I take you to jail for the same racist bullshit a second time that suddenly makes it legit. You're getting stuck on the "cops look for reasons to fuck with minorities" bit. If the cops harass you every day for your entire life, you will wind up in jail (or dead), regardless of how legal your activities are.
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If all the news about the situation in North Korea is true, then why haven't world powers intervened? The answer might surprise you.
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+Saturnia Regna Their in North Korean Nuke range so yes their a major the g8 so yes there would be involvement.
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+Manuel Castro TODAY !!! UK was caught sending Weapons to ISIS !
Look it up !!!!
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Happy Valentine's Day.
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Hey would you guys be able to do a video on Sleep Paralysis.
is there something they don't want us to know ?
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Join Ben and Matt to learn the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know about everything from ancient history to UFOs, government secrets, and the future of civilization.

Whether we're talking government secrets, fringe science or ominous claims about the future of humanity, the modern world is riddled with Stuff They Don't Want You To Know. Team up with Ben and Matt in their ongoing quest to dig deeper into the stories between the lines in your history books, behind the black stripes of redacted documents and beyond the official explanations.

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