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Why can't you win an argument online? The answer leads into a cognitive conspiracy that might surprise you.
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over emotional believers, specially the one into science and atheism but the others too who are into bible n shit.
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Gnosticism may be one of the oldest conspiracy theories in human civilization - but what is it, exactly?
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The truth is ineffable.
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On January 2nd, 2016, Ammon Bundy and a group of like-minded individuals occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge as a protest against what they saw as federal over-reach and unjust sentencing practices. So what's the real story?
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We've made a playlist of our best videos from 2015. Gather your family around the warmth of any screen and force them all to learn the Stuff They Don't Want You to Know.
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That won't happen twice
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Impossibly tall, lingering in the edges of photographs throughout history, Slender Man has become one of the most well known urban legends of the digital age. But how did the story start, and how has it moved from the virtual domain of online forums to the physical world?
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For decades women have been abducted, murdered and forgotten along an isolated stretch of Canadian highway. The killers are real - and some roam free today.
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Every election season conspiracy theories proliferate across the political spectrum -- and some may be less crazy than others.
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3 Fossil Fuel Disasters and Cover-ups
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Nostradamus. Edgar Cayce. Baba Vanga. Have any of history's alleged psychics successfully predicted the future? Learn more as we look at humanity's efforts to predict the future, from ancient oracles to the bleeding edge of science.
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dat man
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Since the dawn of civilization, nightmares have haunted the human mind. But what are they, exactly? Why do some people think they're more than hallucinations?
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TV, film and fiction have given the public a set of stereotypes about serial killers -- one of the biggest being that they always get caught.
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I'm not a coward I've just never been tested.
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Everyone's familiar with the idea of UFOs, those mysterious airborne objects often linked with extraterrestrials -- but what if there weren't any aliens involved? Tune in and learn why some people believe Nazis may be responsible for modern UFO sightings.
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William Jackson
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Join Ben and Matt to learn the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know about everything from ancient history to UFOs, government secrets, and the future of civilization.

Whether we're talking government secrets, fringe science or ominous claims about the future of humanity, the modern world is riddled with Stuff They Don't Want You To Know. Team up with Ben and Matt in their ongoing quest to dig deeper into the stories between the lines in your history books, behind the black stripes of redacted documents and beyond the official explanations.

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