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Modern historians generally mark the beginning of the Armenian Genocide as 24 April, 1915 -- one hundred years ago this week. However, people and nations still can't seem to agree on whether it actually was a genocide. Why? And why do both sides accuse the others of a conspiracy?
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+Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - HowStuffWorks
It was genocide. There's debate because Turkey doesn't want to admit to having committed genocide. They're afraid of the repercussion and probably ashamed that it came to Genocide.
The sad thing is, if they admitted that it happened, it'd go a long way to fixing the issue at this point.
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On April 19, 1995 Timothy McVeigh detonated a bomb at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Why do so many people believe the full story of this attack remains untold?
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+Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - HowStuffWorks One thing that is interesting and hard to refute evidence is that even with tons of ANFO in a truck outside the building, the damage was to great to the building's construction for it to be accounted for by this one blast alone. Physics don't usually lie and while the truck bomb would certainly have done a good deal of damage, the collapse of 40% - 55% of the building with a single bomb not specifically positioned against a main column is difficult to swallow. This is not the first little pig's house of straw by a long shot and wind isn't going to knock it totally flat from outside!
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Is it possible that all the little breadcrumbs of data you leave behind could be used to forecast your future?
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+Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - HowStuffWorks can you tie that into the Global Consciousness Project?
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Easter is one of the most important celebrations in Christianity. So why do some people believe it was originally a pagan ritual?
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+MrRenegadeshinobi Well they say jesus  rose on the 3rd day correct? Wouldn't the 3rd day be Monday? You do the math. Easter has absolutely nothing to do with The resurrection of Immanuel.  Easter
 completely pagan. 
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Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are two of the world's most well-known whistleblowers and secret leakers, but they're far from the only ones.
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did you know that air crash investigation have done an episode in season 14 about the crash of jfk jr's piper Saratoga and in next season there is going to be an episode the crash that killed dag Hammarskjöld
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What really landed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania? Who terrorized Los Angeles in 1942?
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My friend's ex 😊
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How interrelated is life on Earth? Could it be possible that the entire planet is a single superorganism? Tune in and learn more about the Gaia hypothesis.
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+40stefanie yes as in dmt
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Imagine if a government disguised its operatives as members of some other organization -- and then attacked itself. While this might sound crazy, several historians have argued that false flag attacks are more than just conspiracy theories.
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We hear about "big data" more and more these days - but how much of it is sensationalism, and how much is true? The answers may surprise you.
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+Gary Peters You are right, and I often have to think when I hear:
"If you're doing nothing wrong you have nothing to hide" is like the complete opposite of the ideology "innocent until proven guilty", and that's quasi the main issue.
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At the close of WWII, US allies created secret, "stay-behind" armies, designed to protect the population in the event of a Communist invasion. So why are they linked with terrorist groups?
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same story but better covered up 17 November left wing terrorist group in Greece... why with "city partisan" groups? left wing in both italy germany and greece the left was of revolutionary nature at her birth, they were outlawed early and so were ready and armed for an armed revolt. after WW2 settled down (late 50s)  the communist parties were still holding the torch of their revolutionary origin, west were on new order establishing wars and dictatorial regime back up round the globe making them hard to like. so to stem the political tide they went on false flag events in order to mass sympathy for their controlled local elites, their causes and to make the leftist and ultimatly the soviets look as bad as it gets. also in at the very list in greece they also had loose ends with former agents that they were going rogue on them so why not pining some unexplained, seemingly unmotivated  cold assassinations to the political left? 
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At this point, witnesses across the world have claimed to see UFOs, even taking photos or video documentation. But where are these strange lights and craft coming from -- and why do some people believe the government's involved?
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+HOLY NAVINCI Thank you.
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Did you know that there's no systematic, comprehensive study of police shootings across the United States? Some blame a distaste for paperwork, while others think there's something sinister afoot.
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There is not one for England either.   When you can tell me how England counts their individuals then let me know.  As no country counts it the same way or as you said not completely as to what the truth really is.    You have not proved that you know anything about American Culture.  you told us your from England.  Worry about your country and we will worry about ours.
Yes a lot of people are killed by the police, but 99% of it is in self defense.    We have a running joke about gun s in this country.  more people are killed in cars and by hammers than by guns  so why isn't anyone trying to ban them.  if a person doesn't have a gun, then they will leave what ever they can get.  Go back and do some more research about your own country before you try to tell us what is wrong with ours.
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