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I'm having issues with deleting 2 communities that I created:


I am the owner and it does state that I am...

However, when I go to close it out:

1. Clicked 3 Dots
2. Clicked the "X" on the category
3. Asks me "Really delete this category and remove all of its posts"
4. I checked that box
5. Clicked "Delete Category"
6. I get "Category Removal Failed".

So I tried it on both of my Communities above and they both act the same.

I tried removing all the members first and that still didn't fix it.

Please help.

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+John Skeats Hi sir. I really appreciate the quick response. Very helpful.

I also appreciate the explanation as to what the problem is. I did try to delete it with the iOS version and it gave me the same error stating "Category Removal Failed" :(

So then I tried the "classic G+" and that worked perfectly! That honestly makes so much sense and I think it the one and only thing I didnt try ofcourse lol.

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