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Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?
Depending on what type of furnace/ heating system you own, there are a few common reasons why water is leaking around your furnace:

Condensation leak: A high efficiency furnace creates condensation while generating heat. The tubing may be damaged or a drain could be clogged. A standard efficiency furnace should not have condensation, then the flue pipe may be improperly sized causing hot exhaust to condense in the pipe as it cools.

Humidifier leak: If you have a humidifier attached to the furnace, it may have a leak or a clog that is causing water to escape the unit. In this case, hopefully the leak can be repaired and/or the clog removed; if the damage is too severe, the humidifier may need to be replaced.

Internal drain clog: If there is a clog in the drain system that connects your furnace to the air conditioning, it could cause water to run into the furnace.

Heat exchanger: If the secondary heat exchanger is broken, the cost to repair can be very expensive. Our certified technician will help you decide whether to repair or replace your furnace.

Hot Water Boiler: If your heating system is a hot water boiler with baseboards or radiators, close off the valve that feeds water to the system. If your boiler system is leaking, call us!

Contact us anytime! 24/7 Emergency Service: 216.889.8800. Our certified technicians will diagnose and repair your system. #heatingandairconditioning   #heatingandcooling   #heatingandair   #furnacerepair  

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HVAC Heating and Cooling Cleveland, Ohio Conserv-Air. With over 30 years of experience, Conserv-Air's team of professionals specialize in a wide range of heating and cooling services.

Keep Cool this Summer, Cleveland!
Make sure you are getting the most out of your air conditioning system – schedule a full clean and check today! Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your unit to ensure it is running at peak performance. We are currently running a special – $79.95. Call 216.889.8800 today to schedule and appointment! #hvac   #heatingandcooling   #heatingandairconditioning   #airconditioning  
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