I've set up Travis CI to build and test zoom-cache, as they are now supporting #haskell. It found one broken dependency in my cabal file, and I've uploaded a zoom-cache- to hackage as a result. Thanks Travis CI!

Some gotchas:

1. you need to set up an install stanza in your .travis.yml file to explicitly "cabal update", or else no dependencies will be found.

2. you need to explicitly install any build tools that your project, its tests or its dependencies may need. For zoom-cache, this involved "cabal install c2hs test-framework-quickcheck2", as iteratee-compress uses c2hs and zoom-cache uses test-framework

3. you need to add $HOME/.cabal/bin to the $PATH used for "cabal install", else your new tools (c2hs in this case) won't be found.

In the end, all you need to do is log in at travis-ci.org using your github auth, select the repos to test, and upload a .travis.yml file like https://github.com/kfish/zoom-cache/blob/master/.travis.yml
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