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Yesterday I asked for a "defining moment" when you decided to make the bible final authority in your life. 
Do you realize that a lot of people make other books the authority in their lives? Like the Koran for example? 
Saul went about killing Christians using the Old Testament as his authority?
All three believe their books. 
So what is the difference?
(Acts 9 is Key).
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knowing the Author of the book, personal relationship
example...radical Muslims who believe their book,, etc and then they see a vision of Christ,, and He transforms their lives for real..they encounter Him
In 1993 when I had finished my catechism at The Lutheran Student Center at the University of Nebraska.  Before that, I had gone to Church and done all the things they did just because I grew up with it and was copying what my parents and peers did.  When I went to college, I was on my own and free to do more as I wished.  I realized that I wanted, needed to go to Church and study the Bible, and pray and sing etc.  I was now following God because I knew I needed to not just because everyone else around me was.  I had also finally lived long enough to see that the Bible is more than just an interesting book, its full of good advice, warnings and encouragement too.  I'd seen things happen in my life that the Bible had warned me would happen as well as being blessed with things that the Bible said God would bless me with. 
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