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"Was there a defining moment in your life where you wholeheartedly surrendered to the bible being the Final Authority in your life?"

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When me being the finally authority in my life ultimately failed.
It was a series of steps for me.  I became a Christian during a point in my life like +Jeremy Hodges where my wisdom had failed to do anything other than lead me to a very broken place.

 However it was only a few years ago when dealing with a very fundamental and theological wrangling that I realized I had a commitment to the authority of Scripture that I didn't know I had. In fact, it would have been a lot more comfortable for me if I didn't have it. 
defining moments? there has been alot of them... saved at 16,  healed of cancer 1981, calling into prison  ministry,, too many to list
+Linda Odell but what about the moment you moved from doubting the bible to believing what it says?  and then making it supreme authority?  
+Conrad Carriker I started believing the Bible the minute I started reading it as a teen, and never doubted it for a minute that it was True...and that trust in the Word has carried me til now
The moment I stared death in the face during my stroke experience, renewed my mind, began my spirit walk and abandoned religion forever! Praise God!
There have been moments of realization and growth in Faith, but nothing that has limited my beliefs to the Bible.
Donna D
oh yes- I still took me a little time though, along with ups and downs- I just recently maybe 9 mos-1 yr stopped cigarettes- because they are not healthy-
No, the bible does not mention that- except that we know how to make sense of a LOT of scriptures- and put 2 + 2 together-glory to glory-
 but there was a big surrender moment -of hey -"your the boss, not me-help me change and be what I can be with your help" I stopped trying to make him believe I had a reason to not obey this or that ---etc...
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