Yangshuo Cyclist 

I said in my last photo that I had my heart set on getting that shot. I had planned to get it, tried to get it and would have been annoyed if I hadn't have got it.

This shot was the complete opposite; a spur of the moment, unplanned shot. Turns out, this is one of my favourite photos (of mine) ever!
Myself and Greg were explore some quite remote fields around Yangshuo in Guilin, at this point our guide had pointed out a very old bridge across a small stream. As we were crouched down by the water's edge, I glanced up and saw this old man on a bicycle cycling across this stone bridge.

I suddenly pictured an image in my mind; this lone man cycling along the path in his traditional hat, towards the setting sun, with the famous karst mountains forming the backdrop and framed by this single tree.

I reeling off a huge number of exposures in the hope of capturing anything at all. On reviewing these, picking three for an HDR and a hell of a lot of post-processing to make it just how I'd imagined, this is the result.

You know what? It's even better than I had pictured.

I'm off to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia tonight, so I'll catch up with everyone when I'm back!

Read this on my blog: http://thefella.com/blog/yangshuo-cyclist

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