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10 Reality Check Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your First Home

Think before you leap! Owing your own home is great but are you financially or otherwise ready to buy a home?

Take this reality check "quiz" from +Kyle Hiscock and see if you are ready (or abel) to make the leap.

Check out the article at

Check out the helpful resources from +Bill Gassett on +RISMedia, +Luke Skar r, +Fred Franks Jr, and a +Listly resource with contributions from +Andrew Fortune, +Karen Highland, +Anita Clark, +Lynn Pineda, and others!

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Put some FIZZ in your FSBO!

About 90% of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) homes fail to sell while the vast majority of agent-assisted home sales are successful. Obviously, Realtors are doing something right and if you want to go-it-alone you might as well learn from what they do. Kudos regardless for giving it a go!

Many FSBOs hit the market looking like the owner just fell out of bed and stuck a for-sale sign out front. You have to take care of certain critical items to improve your chances of getting an offer, or preferably, a few greats offer on your home. Skimp on these and prepare to join the ranks of the 90%. You need to add some fizz and pizzazz to your flat FSBO! Put some elbow grease in, spend a few dollars and get your home ready before you stick that for-sale sign out front. Good luck!

This article contains lots of additional helpful advice for you form +Kevin Vitali, +Debbie Drummond, +Bill Gassett, +Xavier De Buck, +Paul Sian and +Kyle Hiscock

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Want to buy a house? Then get your financial house in order!

A good credit score and credit rating are critical for (1) getting approved for a home loan and (2) getting a good interest rate

If your credit score is less than fabulous, +Luke Skar has put together an excellent list of 7 simple things you can do to improve your credit score. Won't happen overnight but won't take years either.

Things like making sure to pay all your bill on time or early plus keeping a low balance on your credit cards will have a big impact.

Additional home buying articles within the article via +Anita Clark +Bill Gassett +Debbie Drummond +Xavier De Buck and +Kyle Hiscock.

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Closing Checklist For Home Sellers

Keep your eyes on the prize but keep your check list handy as well.

Moving, closing, cleaning, mailing address change, discontinuing utilities and other stuff ad finitum! It's enough to make your head explode. To prevent that from happening, it's highly advisable to put a list together of all the action items you will need to take care of right up to the day of closing. Oh, and there's list of stuff to take care of after closing (but that's for another day).

In his latest post +Bill Gassett provides home sellers with a handy list of all the stuff they should focus on to ensure a smooth closing and a clean exit from the home. Good luck!

Be sure to also check out the additional checklists from +Anita Clark, +Fred Franks Jr, +Kyle Hiscock and +Paul Sian.

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The "should I stay renting or buy a home" question

In some markets, it is actually cheaper to buy a home than rent one, even after you add all the expenses associated with owning a home.

You need to crunch the numbers to see if this is the case for where you personally live and also take into account the type of home you might be considering buying (house v condo etc).

In his lastest informative post +Kevin Vitali provides an example of where buying works out cheaper once you take into account the all important tax deductions, something you don't get when you're a renter. Also, with home ownership, you benefit from increasing home equity over time (plus or minus the odd bump in the road).

Other resources from +Kyle Hiscock, +Wendy Weir,, +Joe Boylan and +Keith Lawrence and myself.

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15 Home Selling Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Wake up and smell the reality!

There are more myths than you can shake a pointy stick at when it comes to selling your home. Many of these are detrimental to a successful sale that will generate the most money for you home, or even worse, prevent your home selling at all.

In his latest entertaining post +X+Xavier De Buck walks sellers through the most common myths and then slaps them with dose of reality.

Other helpful resources were by +Paul Sian, +Lynn Pineda, +Bill Gassett, +Kyle Hiscock, and +The KCM Crew.

Read the full article here:

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Should I Move or Just Renovate?

As The Clash song goes "Should I stay or should I go now?".

Life, life circumstances, and lifestyle change happen and sometimes the home you have lived in for years no longer fits your current needs. For example, all the kids have flown the nest and the now your home is too big, or the opposite, is now too small for a growing family. Or you don't want to deal with those steep stairs as you get older.

Now you have to decide whether you should stay where you are and let some contractors redesign your home or just sell and buy another home that already has what you need in place.

In his latest informative post +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments provides some sound advice on how to approach this subject and how to weigh up the pros and cons of each option.

You will also find great resources from other top real estate professionals: +++Kyle Hiscock, +Wendy Weir, and myelf.

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How To Get More Traffic To A Real Estate Website

95% of real estate websites are like trees falling in the forest. Nobody knows about them. Just because you invested in a website don't believe the hype that the leads will start pouring in. YOU (or someone you pay) have to put the effort in to make that site generate business for you.

In his latest epic post +Kyle Hiscock shares some great info on how he has grown his own site to 40,000 site visits per month. And no, there is no magic bullet. You have to work at it and be consistent. If it was easy, everyone would be on the first page of google ;0).

There are some incredible resources and examples throughout the article from +TJ Kelly, +Lynn Pineda over on +RESAAS | The Real Estate Social Network™, +Bill Gassett over on the YPN Blog, +Moz, +Easy Agent Pro, +ShoutMeLoud, +WordStream, and a few others!

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#realestate #SEO #websites

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What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Home?

It's a long list!

Everyone needs somewhere to live and owning your own home has many benefits over renting: physical, financial and psychological!

In his latest informative article +Kyle Hiscock lists the many benefits of owning a home from building equity, to freedom to do what you want with your home to having a greater sense of adios landlord!

There are some great resources throughout from other trusted sources including +Paul Sian, +Bill Gassett and myself.

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#realestate #homebuying

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The Essentials of Selling a Luxury Home

Selling a luxury and a "regular: homes share a lot in common but when it comes to the luxury variety, somethings need to be done a little differently to ensure the home will sell and to protect the sellers.

In his latest informative post +Paul Sian provides some sound advice to high-end home sellers on how to get their homes ready for market and ways of avoiding turning your home into a curiosity shop. Hint: skip those open house!

Included in the article are excellent resources from, +Xavier De Buck, +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments and and myself +Conor MacEvilly

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