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Appeal Category: Rejected Takedown
Portal Title: John S. Helms, M.D. Memorial Sundial
City, Region and Country: Dunedin, Florida USA
Lat/Long: 28.048624,-82.768391
Ingress Intel Link:,-82.768391&z=17&pll=28.048624,-82.768391

Reason/comments: I'm evolving this appeal into appealing 7 different portals as they are next to each other. If this isn't allowed, I will spam this community with 7 different threads.

Curlew Creek is/was a park in Dunedin, Florida. The park sign portal is located here (,-82.769221&z=17&pll=28.049755,-82.769221). The park used to have a wonderful parking lot and maintained trails. (See the images labeled - "2015-parking.png" and "2015-parking2.png")

The park now is abandoned, overgrown, parking lot closed and destroyed (See image labeled park-sky-view.png). No parking signs put up, but that is not the reason for this appeal. (See the image labeled "2017-parking-closed.png")

These benches and sundial are 45 minutes from their real location! (See image "distance.png") The portal in question is actually located at Tampa General hospital. There is actually a portal already there (The memorial), in which you can see the Sun Dial and 6 benches in the background: That portal is here:,-82.458216&z=17&pll=27.937891,-82.458216 or the google maps version:,-82.4585917,65a,35y,33.89h,47.13t/data=!3m1!1e3

I've drawn over google maps to explain where the benches and sundial portal should be. This is below in image labeled ("tampa-general.png"). The bad news is there is no way all those portals can fit in their proper location, which is why these portals should be removed. If you moved all 7 portals to the correct location, they would be on top of each other.

For further proof, here is a website explaining that these names are benches at Tampa General:

> "The Tampa Tribune reported that "his character and his deeds should be honored through the years by a permanent memorial" and subsequently, over 100 Tampans organized the John S. Helms Memorial Association. After four years of work on May 30, 1937 a sun dial and memorial bench park adjacent to Tampa Municipal Hospital (Tampa General) was dedicated to honor prominent medical and civic leaders of Tampa. The sun dial that was the focal point of the small tree-lined park was dedicated to the memory of Dr. Helms, with the surrounding benches memorializing his distinguished colleagues."

The following list of portals to be moved/deleted are below:

John S. Helms, M.D. Memorial Sundial,-82.768391&z=17&pll=28.048624,-82.768391

James M. Crantham, M.D. 1873-1937 Memorial Bench,-82.769207&z=17&pll=28.049542,-82.769207

Sumter deLeon Lowry Memorial Bench,-82.769533&z=17&pll=28.049073,-82.769533

Roscoe C. Hubbard, M.D. Memorial Bench,-82.769199&z=17&pll=28.04897,-82.769199

Bundy Allen, M.D. 1885-1935 Memorial Bench,-82.769453&z=17&pll=28.04864,-82.769453

Earl H. McRae, M.D. 1887-1936 Memorial Bench,-82.76852&z=17&pll=28.048403,-82.76852

J. Brown Farrior, M.D. 1881-1931 Memorial Bench,-82.768214&z=17&pll=28.049421,-82.768214
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After the bans of my previous post (, I noticed another bot farm on my list become active.

These accounts were glyph farming, while killing and reclaiming the same set of portals.

The thing is, they were doing it in Cuba at 10pm to midnight in a cemetery.

The ring leader bot was an account with silver glyph hacker, but with 842 resos deployed with 825 portals claimed.

That is some good luck to basically claim every portal you run into with 1 resonator. Or perhaps the more realistic option of bot win trading in order to power level accounts to L8.,-82.399024&z=17&pll=23.1245,-82.399024

This was the start of a new 10 bot army. Were any of these going to become the next bot(s) to spoof our cell? Were these the bots powering the #Ingress stores spammed in comms?

10 tickets to Niantic, 1 re-opened ticket and now we have 10 banned accounts. Thanks again to +NIA Ops for banning these bots early.

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Sometimes I wonder how these accounts get to this point without being noticed. O wait, it's because they don't show up on the map until they are needed.

> 03:23 <xrenovodev> [faction] xrenovodev captured their first Portal.

I'm sure there was a training message shown in comms, somewhere in the globe, but I didn't see these accounts until they showed up off the coast of Aruba creating a L8 modded farm overnight.,-70.16908&z=17&pll=11.694708,-70.16908

How many #Ingress accounts are silently glyph hacking to be used on some Ingress store?

There has to be some risk management to code that looks for insane stats. Visiting 20 portals, but you have 50k glyph points? Sounds like a manual review is needed.

btw, all accounts are now banned. Thanks to +NIA Ops for the help.
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The rough before the Prime

As 2018 began, things were bleak in regards to Ingress, but Niantic stepped up. Trusted Reporters became the answer to any spoofing issue. While submitting tickets outside of a Trusted Reporter sometimes worked, it became useless to waste time on a ticket avenue that was slower and frequently left the account in question not banned.

Accounts would fall fast after a Trusted Reporter intervened and that is no exaggeration. Watching accounts get banned as they were spoofing was an extreme improvement to the past history of Ingress and I thank OPS for that. Bots were used to the pattern of killing all assigned portals and awaiting a ban. Now, some saw this cat and mouse game of bans a new challenge.

What was prior 1 account wiping 200 portals was now 7 accounts in a waterfall of bans and destruction. As an account was banned, another started right where it left off. The type of these accounts varied widely. On occasion the account was an obviously purchased L8, on other times you could watch a new account level up not more than 20km from the portal in question and finally the account could be one you suspected for months of nefarious actions. Regardless of the type, Niantic stepped up and banned them upon investigation.

You'd think quick bans would deter the malicious actor(s) from continuing to destroy this game. However, that is not the case.

We can for example take a look down the path of the Agent-###### spoofers. A new era of cheating, which still as of (June 16) continues to infect this game.

These accounts are named "Agent-######". Don't confuse this with a pending account rename, as an underscore is used instead. This is a hyphen which makes it impossible to ping in comms. So if the account doesn't claim the portal and the action is outside your range, have fun checking if the account was banned!

These accounts are clearly operated outside of the scanner as they don't abide by the rules of the scanner. Perhaps a naive thought, but why is this still a problem? The first Agent-###### spoof to affect me happened on April 2, 2018. I want to believe that 2 months is enough time to prevent these accounts from playing, but alas - guess not.

So what happens after a portal is spoofed? I don't know the exact process, but somehow Niantic through the help of agents returns the portal(s) to the rightful color. It takes days to weeks, but when some of these portals have a costly fee to visit, it is easier to wait on Niantic.

Portal(s) are returned to the rightful color(s) and factions rejoice. Legitimate portals are back and links can return.

Uh oh. 33 minutes have passed and the portals you waited to be reset were already spoofed again. It's frustrating, but giving up would give a victory to the cheaters. You repeat the motions, reporting and waiting for another set of portal resets.

You check your local chats. You don't believe it, 53 banned spoofers since May 18 in just your cell. You check the date and not even a month has passed. That is more than 1 bot a day for the past 30 days...

You start counting the submitted bots, this time including the accounts that were banned outside your cell, but still close to you. This includes bots in your state and the islands you frequently link too. The number is scary, brushing up to triple digits sitting at 91 banned accounts since May 18.

I'm sure you have solutions in your head Niantic, but much like other issues to crop up in this game. We might have to wait months on months for any resolution. Good luck NIA, things are bleak here again. I hope you have some solutions before we lose more legitimate agents to retirement.

#Ingress +NIA Ops +John Hanke +Andrew Krug

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Story Time (TLDR - Drunk guy tries to fight me in airport)

Arrive at airport at 340am for a 530am International flight. Parts of the airport don't open until 4am, then 415am for security line. So I'm stuck in lines on lines with other people which aren't moving.

There is this guy, smells of alcohol, who won't stop talking to me and others around him. I recognized him from the train to terminal, because he was obnoxious there as well. He keeps touching my shoulder, then grabbing me to talk to me. I turn around and tell him its 4am and if he touches me again, we are going to have a problem. I don't want to talk since I'm barely awake. I pivot myself sideways in line so I can keep my eyes on him vs having my back to him.

He's beyond drunk and starts loudly talking about how "This guy is going to CLOCK ME" because of what I said. He then begins loudly saying that I have drugs in my backpack. At this point, I am googling Tampa Airport security number, because everyone is looking at this guy talking to me.

He then gets cocky saying that because I'm wearing pink shorts and non-matching socks that I'm a pussy. He makes fun of my Adidas jacket saying that "stripes" are gay. I turn around to gauge what everyone else around me is thinking of this and this individual spots my GORUCK patch on my backpack.

He thinks I'm military at this point and his attitude changes. He begins thanking me for my service (I'm not military) and then loudly thanking me for my service. Other random people now are thanking me for my service.

He then continues talking to me after I asked him to shut up. He then offers me a drink once we get through security and says he will be on my flight. He begins getting aggressive again saying some pretty explicit things to me. His mood changes like a teenage girl. At this point, I'm up to get my license and ticket checked. I lean in and tell the TSA agent what is going on.

This individual is still loudly yelling at me, telling TSA that I have drugs in my backpack. TSA ignores these requests and begins processing his license, etc. As I'm taking off my shoes and putting laptop in box, two TSA agents walk over to the other TSA agents working. They start talking and then point directly to the individual I described.

They walk over and start talking to him, he gets louder and obnoxious. He now claims that I have explosives and drugs in my backpack. He gets escorted out of my sight into some room near the security checkpoint. TSA then pulls me aside and starts asking me random questions about this individual. I explain basically what I said above and they let me go.

As I walk to my gate and sit down I begin listening to music. 10-20 minutes later, a pair of airport staff walk up to me, including the lady that spoke with me at security. They explain that Southwest has no tolerance for impaired passengers. They say he won't be on the flight and apologize for the inconvenience.

What a morning.
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Been forgetting to post my weekly blogs. Some haven't been up to par as others, but working on that.
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Another week, another blog. Been traveling so forgot to social the last few blogs.
Malicious Actors
Malicious Actors
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One of those just defeated feeling Saturdays. Computer breaks a few weeks ago. I don't know what happened, I come home and its off. It refuses to boot. After days of testing, I buy a new PSU (same model).

It shows up, system still won't boot. I can't get a single light on the motherboard to illuminate. So another few days pass and I buy a new motherboard (same model).

I bet you know where this is going. I still can't get the system to boot or even show me a single sign of life with this new motherboard. This just points to power, but I have 2 exact model PSUs and 2 exact model motherboards.

No combination of those 4 parts show any sign of life. I'm giving up marking the new PSU as dead on arrival. I have no ideas left.

- I've checked the outlet, it has power. I've tried other outlets.
- I've removed everything possible, down to just motherboard + PSU (in hopes to see lights)
- I've extracted 3 pin PSU cable from another computer, still won't work.
- I've re-set the motherboard in the case about 10 times to ensure nothing is shorted
- I've used paperclips to "short" the power_on pins on motherboard, no go.

I'm out of ideas. Spent money on parts that didn't help.
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A hot fix release to fix a regression that occurred when adding aapt2 support.
Apktool v2.3.3 Released
Apktool v2.3.3 Released
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Another week, another blog. I am building a nice collection of original posts, hopefully I can continue this till the end of 2018.
The Key to Basic Encryption
The Key to Basic Encryption
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