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Divorces are never pretty - Here is some simple and straight forward intel related to the cost of Divorce.

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Connor T. MacIVOR

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#Kabuki  #Radio #Shoutout Thanks to my friends at Kabuki - another take out order went off without a hitch.  

#Valencia #sushi
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Connor T. MacIVOR

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This test will analyze a URL and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design. Learn more about the mobile-friendly criteria and how it may affect Google's search results by reading our blog post. Avoid Interstitials (BETA). This page appears to have an interstitial which makes it hard for a ...
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All I can say is according to Semalt my SERP rankings continue to climb (as of yesterday) even on my very old html site,  although Barrie tells me he has also seen a few drops for some of my keywords for the first time in a while.  
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What could I possibly tell you about open houses that you don't already know?

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minor shout out to Bill G. about his wonderful Nosey Neighbors photo :)
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We worked really hard on the maps for Santa Clarita Valley Cities. We get asked quite often which cities are included in the SCV when it comes to real estate and housing. We gave the answer on listly today via our Channel and our link to the Listly Post Be safe - search well and let our Paris911 Team know when you are ready to move #santaclaritarealestate   #santaclaritaremax  #paris911
Here are the Cities that are generally considered as being within the Santa Clarita Valley in California. This is the next city north from Los Angeles California. Our southern border is The San Fernando Valley's Northern Border. Thanks for taking the time to review our list. We are [The Paris911 Team of REMAX Realtors]( | Acton California - Zip Code 93510, Agua Dulce California - Zip Code 91390, Canyon Country California - Z...
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Reputation Management & Marketing will make or break most businesses. According to Google, nearly half of buyers will read reviews online before buying and one third will leave a review after buying. I believe these numbers will keep growing as technology improves, making it easier to post reviews and as the content becomes more relavent, as demonstrated by Yelp.

#onlinereviews #reputationmanagement #reputationmarketing

Yelp adds hygiene scores to restaurant reviews in New York and San Francisco
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You know, it's awesome the power that #yelp  has...  They are realistically one of the most powerful websites in the world and true business killers, kind of like Walmart can be accused of being "locally owned" business breakers...  What can you do?
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Yes and that is why most are failing on Social Media +Kathy Clulow . You are my Rocket Scientist..
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Real Estate Blog Topics to Dominate Local Search
Do you have a blog but always find yourself banging your head against the wall trying to come up with new topics to write about?

Are you interested in writing things that both a local and national audience will enjoy?

Take a look as +Tyler Zey of +Real Estate Marketing by Easy Agent Pro lays out some excellent topics for you to write about.

In Tyler's post he shares examples from +Kyle Hiscock +Lynn Pineda +Andrew Fortune +Shanne Sleder  and myself on topics that will work for your real estate blog.

Have a look - I am sure you will come up with some fresh ideas for your next real estate post.

If you think the article is helpful please consider socially sharing.

#realestate #realestateblog #realestatebloggers  
Need some real estate blog ideas to grow the traffic to your website? These ideas are proven to help improve SEO and Generate more Leads for you
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Thanks for sharing +Connor T. MacIVOR no doubt +Real Estate Marketing by Easy Agent Pro has some great articles.
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Check your sites to make sure they are Google compliant.
"Mobilegeddon" is coming but you can be ready.  Here's how... Happy selling, Lee #LearnWithLee 
3 Ways to Prepare for Google’s “Mobilegeddon”
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An oldie but a goodie...  Jokes make people smile - enjoy and have a great day...

#joke #funny #humor #paris911
This piece of string walks into a bar, jumps onto a bar stool and orders a beer. The bartender, apparently upset says, "Hey, you are a piece of string, we don't serve string in this bar..."  The piece of string, now upset, jumped down from the bar stool and headed outside.  As we was walking down the street - he had an idea.He yelled up to a man that was walking by to pick him up.  The man did and the piece of string asked the man to mess up his ...
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“Paris911® Serves and Protects the real estate interests of all Buyers and Sellers - We are consultants for your Real Estate needs..."
REMAX of Valencia - Paris911 Team
I can do a full bridge, unassisted, for a count of 300. And then there is that Real Estate thing I'm good at :)
  • Santa Clarita Real Estate agent
    Buyer and Seller of Real Estate Consultant, 1998 - present
    Operating a Top Producing REMAX real estate team that serves both buyers and sellers in Southern California, Greater Los Angeles areas and where we are Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley. Our connection point at the start of our real estate careers was with the men and women that were serving in our Law Enforcement Agencies. LAPD, LASD, CHP and others. Today, our Paris911 Brand is well recognized as being Leaders in Real Estate Representation throughout the Southern California Cities, for Civilian and Sworn alike.
  • Los Angeles Police Department Reserve / Santa Clarita Real Estate agent
    Firearms instructor, Handgun - Shotgun - Part time Realtor and founder of Paris911 dot com, 2007 - 2012
    Worked various assignments after graduating the Los Angeles Police Academy in March of 1991. This was one of the last that I had held, and this was after my full time service, when I became a Reserve Police Officer. I had a certain skill set that gave me an advantage to teach firearms and tactics, I enjoyed it greatly.
  • LAPD Police Officer
    Police officer, Motorcycle Enforcement Officer, 1990 - 2007
  • Century 21
    Green Realtor, 1998 - 1998
  • Gold Star Realty
    Super Green Realtor, 1998 - 1998
  • ENMU
    College, 1987 - 1990
  • Roosevelt County SD
    Correctional Officer, 1988 - 1990
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When real estate lenders have bitten off more than they can chew

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Not typical.
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Taken great care of by Jen - she was very kind and showed me, a man, what she likes which is a mirror to my wife. Great Place to shop and thank for the warm welcome and experience!
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
The thing I love most in the world is when a business takes time to educate the client from a "Do it Yourself" standpoint. If "said client" then does not want to take the time and expense of doing it themselves, they can utilize said business. SCV Divorce Paralegal has this covered and more. The reviews from friends of ours in the Local Santa Clarita Valley and from Greater LA are all Tops. No one wants to get divorced (maybe some do :) ), but if it crosses the threshold of your home, you need an expert and this is it...
• • •
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We were waited on by Kevin Farias, he was a very able server. We had been blessed to have him wait on us. The Food was Hot, served quickly and correct 100% of the time. Kevin was attentive, he had a compassionate disposition and he was completely wonderful. Thanks for Larsen's Steakhouse for employing servers such as him. We will be back. Thanks for allowing us the chance to review this wonderful Valencia CA Steakhouse.
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14 reviews
Anyone in the Real Estate industry that takes the time to help others in the same field succeed, is someone that can be trusted by anyone looking to procure or sell real estate. One such team is established in Frederick MD and they are known as The Highland Group. I'm honored to have met and interact with both Karen and Chris throughout the years. Contact them to assist you and you will see what I'm talking about!
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
Incredible broker and fantastic real estate office for all areas in Southern California with a focus on the Orange County Areas. We have been the Go To for the Northern San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita Cities by Listing Point and know they are on the top when it comes to real estate representation whether procuring real estate or selling it.
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While I am not in the MA market currently, I know what Buyers and Sellers have come to expect from those Realtor that totally "gets it" when it comes to being served with regard to all their real estate needs. With a solid background in Law Enforcement and with a working understanding of Real Estate, I know that Bill's Clientele are Blessed to have him representing them with could equate to the largest investment of their lives.
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reviewed a year ago