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Connor Sites-Bowen
I live, love, and work in Pittsburgh
I live, love, and work in Pittsburgh

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Glen Hazel & the Housing Authority
A short update, mostly pictures. We recently bought a house in Hazelwood. The drive up the hill and through Glen Hazel has become part of our new commute, and so when I read this recent Post-Gazette article about the semi-legal paintball shop operating over...

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Haven't posted on here in a while, but I highly suggest you all go take a look at the book I just helped launch, which is out now, for free. It's old school RPG gaming at its weirdest!

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Hey y'all! This RPG supplement I'm helping launch is starting its big promo roll-out. You can find the blog at , twitter at

Check it aaaahhhht!

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Big Steel Boxes - Electrophant
What follows is an excerpt from a long-running project - Big Steel Boxes, an RPG supplement which describes shipping containers and their potential contents, suitable for fantasy and post-apocalyptic games alike. 83. Electrophant This container contains a s...

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From the Archives - Cardboard, Collapse, and Creativity
For throwback thursday, a great little post from an old blog of mine, originally published February 28, 2010. --- For some months, cardboard has interested me as an artistic medium. When I had the urge to create, I did it in cardboard. I have not had that u...

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Mason Jars as a Platform
Mason jars have been around since the 1850s. You see them everywhere, typically as shabby-chic home decor, but their original intent was always food storage. The lip of the jar is threaded to accept a variety of lids. At first, these were simply solid metal...

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My Isometric Job
I run large-scale produce distributions for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank . You can read about them - the Produce to People program . When we interview new folks for the department, we tend to ask some questions about "how would you handle this...

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Recommended reading - You Are Triggering Me!
"Let’s not fiddle while Rome (or Paris) burns, trigger while the water rises, weep while trash piles up; let’s recognize these internal wars for the distraction they have become. Once upon a time, the appellation “queer” named an opposition to identity poli...

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Open Source Gaming - Wild Speculation
A terrain tile I made last month of The Last Shipyard,  a potential piece of fantastic terrain. I've been thinking some real nerd thoughts lately. First nerd thought - role playing games. I've been looking over Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future . These two g...

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Published Author? Check!
I finally put something up on Amazon - a short story called Drunkstarter. Find it here . (I've got more to say, but I'll flesh that out when I'm not so giddy and it's not so almost-midnight.
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