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Turn a toaster on its side - brilliant kitchen hack!

I love a grilled cheese sammy with a bowl of cream of tomato soup, I know, I know how 50s retro, but it's one of my favorite comfort foods.

Next time I'll be trying this trick...
Making a perfect grilled cheese sandwich can take both time and dirty your cookware. If you're just making a quick grilled cheese sandwich try turning your toaster on it's side and toasting the bread ...
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Why do I think I would start a fire or something if I tried this.
Quan Ta
If you think cleaning a pan is a hassle, think about cleaning your toaster. Even a bigger hassle - toaster is not designed for convenient cleaning.
Mine has a safety feature that turns it off if you put it on its side.
We love our toaster oven! Save energy b/c we don't use real oven much anymore. DeLonghi, btw...
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