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Need an overseas mortgage?

With over 10 years experience Connect has established itself as one of the top international mortgage specialists in the UK today. Through our unique lender network we are able to help our clients access some of the best property finance deals available in over 30 different countries throughout the world

FRANCE with interest rates from 2.05% and finance available up 85% loan to value.
SPAIN with interest rates from 3.35% available up to 70% loan to value.
PORTUGAL with interest rates from 4.95% and finance available up 80% loan to value.
TURKEY with interest rates from 6.15% and finance available up 75% loan to value.
ITALY with interest rates from 3% available up to 80% loan to value.

We also have some great mortgage deals available for foreign buyers in other countries and we can even help people who have moved abroad finance a property back in the UK!  
No matter if you are looking to buy a property as a holiday home, an investment, or a new place to live,
our friendly team of mortgage advisers will be able to help you find the right mortgage solution to suit your circumstances and guide you through the whole mortgage process.  
Plus we also offer a free mortgage pre-approval service so you understand what finance options are available to you even if you haven't yet found a property.  
To find out more call us today on 01708 676133
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Need a mortgage but have impaired credit?

Here at Connect we have access to a specialist range of residential and buy to let mortgages that are tailored for individuals with impaired credit. 

We can help if you have:

* Missed mortgage payments
* Mortgage defaults
* Loan arrears
* County Court Judgements
* Been discharged bankrupt

For more information please call us on 01708 676133.
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Are you spending more than you need to on your mortgage?

Here at Connect we are saving our clients hundreds even thousands of pounds a year by simply switching them to a new mortgage deal.

We can help you access:

Mortgage interest rates starting from just 1.29% (3.6% APR).
A choice of competitive fixed and tracker rate deals.
Options for residential and buy to let properties.
Low fee products with free valuation and free legal features.
To find out if we can save you money on your mortgage call one our friendly independent mortgage advisers today on 01708 676133.
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Free up capital to build your property portfolio

Connect have access to an innovative equity loan product offered by Castle Trust. A key benefit of this product is that it can allow you to borrow up to 20% of the property value from your existing investment properties, to achieve a maximum 85% loan to value. This money can then be used as a deposit to help purchase more properties and help build your property porfolio.

Here’s an example
Mr Grant had a buy to let property worth £400k, with an existing £260k mortgage (65% LTV). He wanted to raise funds to help buy another investment property, but a remortgage was proving difficult due to the rental assessment. His financial adviser recommended the Castle Trust Buy To Let Equity Loan, which was used to raise £80,000 (20% LTV) on the existing property. This was then used as a deposit for the purchase of a new buy to let investment.

How does the equity loan work?
The Buy to Let Equity Loan is a second charge loan so there is no need to disturb your existing borrowing. You can borrow up to 20% of the property value with Castle Trust – topping up your primary buy to let mortgage up to 85% LTV. There is no additional stress test and no monthly repayments. The initial loan is paid in full, along with a share in any growth in property value over the loan term.

Want to find out more?

Here at Connect we offer a free no obligation consultation as part of our service to help you understand the best options available to you.

For more information call us on 01708 676133 or send us a message at
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New Year, New Home?

We can help you:

* Access some of the best mortgage deals available.
* Access 95% mortgage deals for first time buyers.
* Access finance options for residential, buy to let and holiday home properties abroad.
* Borrow money to refurbish your new or existing property.
For a free no obligation consultation with one of our specialist mortgage advisers, call us today on 01708 676133.

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Home Buyer's Protection Insurance

Moving house is stressful enough, without the financial worry of the sale falling through. Nearly a third of all house sales fall through due to financial difficulties, gazumping or simply because someone in the chain gets ‘cold feet’.

Here at Connect we can help protect your upfront buying expenses if:

* You are gazumped by an offer of £1,000 or more.
* The property is withdrawn from sale.
* You have to withdraw from the purchase due to unforeseen illness.
* You or someone buying the property with you either  dies, is made redundant, or given notice of relocation.
The mortgage lender insists on rectification work that costs more than 10% of the original sum offered and accepted.
The property is damaged before the sale is complete and the rectification work exceeds 10% of the original sum offered and accepted.

How much does it cost?

For a flat fee of just £79.50, you will receive up to £1,500 of cover for 180 days (6 months),
which includes:

£750 towards conveyance fees
£500 towards survey/valuation fees
£250 towards mortgage/lenders fees

Even the most optimistic consumer can appreciate the peace of mind that Home Buyer’s Protection offers in today’s uncertain market.

For more information call us on 01708 676133 or send us a message at
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Protecting your property investments

When you invest a lot of time and money building a property portfolio, whether this is to provide income for today or in retirement, it is very important that you also invest some time in considering how you can protect your valuable property portfolio. Whilst we don’t always like to think about it, most of us at some point can be affected by situations outside of our control. This can include, but is not limited to, non-paying tenants, property damage, unexpected costs and our own personal health and ability to manage the portfolio. Firstly you should give some thought as to the financial impact of these situations if they occur. For example, if you have a tenant who stops paying their rent, you will need to meet your BTL mortgage payments and other property costs from your own funds until the situation is resolved. If this took several months, how would that affect your finances? If you conclude that you would not have sufficient resources to meet your obligations in these kind of situations, then you should seriously consider what types of insurances you can put in place.

RENT GUARANTEE. This type of insurance provides you with protection against non-paying tenants. The plan will usually cover your lost rent and the legal costs of evicting the tenant. Make sure you understand how soon the plan will begin to pay out after non-payment and if there are any qualification requirements such how the tenant has to be referenced.

PROPERTY INSURANCE. If you have a mortgage, your lender will insist you insure the property against damage. The standard cover includes fire and subsidence, but check if you are covered for accidental damage or malicious damage by a tenant.

ILL-HEALTH INSURANCE. You should consider this type of protection to pay you a monthly sum or a lump sum to cover your own personal outgoings if you become too ill to work. Although your rent may continue, which will allow you keep up your BTL mortgage payments, if you cannot meet your personal mortgage or debt payments you risk damaging your credit status which will have a longer term effect of your portfolio. This could mean problems when you come to buy more property or refinance an existing property.

LIFE COVER. For jointly owned properties, if you or a partner were to die whilst you hold a mortgage on the property the mortgage could continue in the remaining partner’s name. However if the property is held in a sole name, the mortgage can NOT be transferred to some else’s name. This would normally mean the property would need to be sold to pay the mortgage. A life cover plan instead could be taken to repay the mortgage in the event of death, leaving the property to be inherited and kept if preferred.

RENTAL VOIDS. This is where your property is empty for a time while you are trying to find a tenant. During this time you will be meeting the mortgage payments from your own fund. It is not possible to insure against this so it is important instead to put aside some funds to cover this eventuality. A sum of around 2 monthly mortgage payments per property held would be a good place to start.

This is just a flavour of the areas you should consider. Your adviser will be able to help you review your wealth protection needs and make bespoke recommendations to suit your needs and budget.

Here at Connect we offer a free no obligation consultation as part of our service to help you understand the best options available to you.

Call 01708 676133 or send us a message at
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Tea break guide to buying a property in France

Due to its close location and wide range of transport links, France has become a popular destination amongst Brits seeking an investment property or holiday home abroad. Cheap flights are now  regularly available across most of France and the Eurostar can get you from London to Paris in little over 2 hours. Unlike a number of other EU countries France has a strong credit rating and sound financial system, as their base debt is one of the surest and most liquid in the world. As a direct result mortgage finance is available to foreign property investors at competitive low levels of interest.

Tips when buying a property in France

When buying or selling a property in France there is a legal requirement for a French Notaire to give their stamp of approval to ensure that the sale/ purchase of the property has been carried out in the right and proper manner. A French Notaire is an appointed representative of the French government and as part of their duties they will check that the property title deed is correct and when a mortgage is involved they will need to confirm this to the bank before any mortgage funds are released. The cost of the French Notaire is carried by the person buying or refinancing the property and although their duties are of a legal nature you will still require a separate solicitor to act on your behalf in order to you purchase the property.

The price of the properties advertised for sale in France will usually include the agents fees. Although most mortgage providers will still lend against the total purchase price including the agents fees, they will not take into account any additional legal fees that the property purchase incurs.

Property finance options

Mortgages are generally available across mainland France and Monaco on most types of properties excluding gites. Alongside mortgage finance some French lenders will require you to open up a bank account with them in order to make the monthly mortgage payments. Some lenders will also insist that a life policy along with buildings and contents insurance be taken out with them as well.

Mortgages for non residents are currently only available in euros, with no pound sterling options available.

Securing a mortgage offer in France can typically take between 3 to 4 weeks.

Overview of current mortgage options available to non resident/foreign property buyers

Lowest variable rate: 2.1%.
Lowest fixed rate: 1.9%.
Smallest loan size considered: 21,500 euros.
Largest loan size considered: No maximum barrier applies.
Minimum deposit required: 15% of the property value.
Min time employed: 3 months consecutive employment required
Min time self employed: 2 years trading accounts required.
Minimum age: 18 at the start of the mortgage.
Maximum age: 80 at the end of the mortgage term.
Min loan term available: 6 years.
Max loan term available: 30 years.

If you are thinking about buying a property in France, or have already found a property you are looking to finance, you may be interested in our free mortgage pre-approval service to help you ascertain exactly much you can borrow and on what terms.

Here at Connect we offer a free no obligation consultation as part of our service to help you understand the best options available to you.

Call 01708 676133 or send us a message at
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Desperate first-time buyers warned they should not use buy-to-let mortgages to bypass new rules
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Have some credit problems but need a mortgage?
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