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Thanks to everyone who came along to our study skills sessions last night! Study smart :-).

If you missed it, don't worry, we're already planning a summer session. Stay tuned by heading to

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Did you catch us in the Australia today? We don't want to see kids training for NAPLAN. When you get your child's results, let your teacher know if you have concerns - remember that NAPLAN is a snapshot of a select few skills. 

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A little sneak peak into our latest videos! 

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Our latest video - teaching the whole child!

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Some photos from a recent session over at Parramatta! 
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We are back to school and back to tutoring this week! It always feels tough to get out of bed on those cold winter mornings, but at tutoring, we can't wait to get stuck into some fun and games (educational, of course!). 

We can't believe it's already so close to the end of term! Confidence Boost will close on 11 December, and we'll be back for term 1 on 27 January. Keep an eye out for our study skills and other sessions over the break. 

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There's been a lot of media attention on the NAPLAN writing task today. Most of our parents know that we aren't too stressed out about NAPLAN at Confidence Boost, but we do hear a lot from parents who are worried about results. 

This year, the writing task was worded in a way that was incredibly confusing to some students (Kate trained in law and it took her two or three goes at reading the question!). Some children will have done really well, but if your child found it tough, don't worry. Have a chat to their teacher about how their writing has really been in class this year. 

This year 3 Mum commented on an SMH article: 'my year 3 daughter told me after the test that she took a long time to start the paper and therefore did not write much because she "couldn't think of a rule that she didn't agree with".' This happens for a number of students in any year - it's difficult to get any marks is you misread or don't attempt a question! If, when the results come out, you are at all concerned, have a chat to their teacher, and ask your child what they wrote about. 

Looking for other opinions about NAPLAN this year? 
Try ABC:, or 
The Australian:

Yes - we are still tutoring next week! We don't close for the holidays until 27 June. 

That means:
1. It's a great time to work on skills that we sometimes don't have time for during big assessments and exam times.

2. It's the perfect opportunity for our high school students to set goals and think about any tasks they have to complete on the holidays.

3. We are still open to meet new students - we have limited free sessions available next week, so call us on 0438 546 314 to see if we can fit in your session before the break.

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Term 2 began last week - we can't believe how fast the school year is going either! Our focus at the start of term is setting great goals to make sure that kids feel successful. 

We love SMART goals - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. 

Do you set goals to get you started on a new project? How?
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