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Designing for Now and the Future

In the ever-changing Melbourne environment, it’s necessary to create strategies which adapt business operations over time. The most crucial aspect, the office space, is often overlooked when planning for the future however. The experts on office design from Concept Office Interiors discuss four crucial steps for creating flexible corporate space in competitive areas like Federation Square and Melbourne Central.

Pinpointing Market & Technical Uncertainties

The first step is predicting what variables may cause change. This is how landmarks like Queen Victoria Market and Crown Casino stay relevant: they make forecasts and determine how the following may affect their office interior design:

 • How certain demands will change
 • What the cost fluctuations will be
 • New technological possibilities
 • Integration of improved standards
 • Changes in types of service offered
 • Effects from global climate change

While some forecasts might not come true, at least you can create a new office interior design for Melbourne and its ever-changing climate and thus prepare for some of your predictions if they occur.

Creating In-built Design Flexibility

To change your office, you’ll need some mechanisms to adapt. If something happens in the market, these are your options:

 • Holding off renovations until more is known
 • Increasing productivity in certain departments
 • Closing down specific areas in the office
 • Switching from one design to another
 • Integrating new tech into your company

Thus, you should talk to a commercial fit out expert about the options available. The best office design in Melbourne ensures the business can adapt over time even in competitive areas such as Collins, Bourke or Elizabeth Street.

Formulate Specific Rules for Change

Once the design of your interiors is completed, you can create a plan to conduct new renovations if necessary. Determine when you should alter your workplace by thinking about the variables you need to achieve before:

 • Expanding a particular department
 • Closing down an office section
 • Switching one area for another
 • Investing in brand new technology

By setting these rules, you’ll know when to fit out your office. Because you’ve already established a creative and innovative workplace, you can adapt your company and retain your position high among the businesses in Melbourne City Centre.

Analysing the Value of Each Decision

The last step is the hardest when it comes to accuracy: the need to determine the value of change. Luckily you can get superior advice on office design in Melbourne by Concept Office Interiors. We can offer suggestions about lowering the costs of all future renovations. In this way, you can conduct your fit out for less and gain more from it through an improved design layout. Always remember you’ll need to benefit from these alterations! Otherwise, there’s no point in changing your office despite it being future-proofed against the fluid landscape of Melbourne’s CBD.

These steps ensure you can design the perfect commercial interiors for the present and future. While this may seem complicated, involving predictions and market analysis, you needn’t fit out your workplace alone. Get advice in this area and ensure your business continues to grow despite any changes that occur.
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Construction and Beyond

Creating a commercial environment involves three important steps especially if you are a Melbourne company owner looking for optimal results. From building the physical premises to conducting an office fit out, you should choose the best commercial construction services and plan carefully so you pass through the entire process and produce an office suitable for your staff and corporate needs.

Building a Better Workplace

The first step is to construct or renovate the actual building. This lays the foundations for the later commercial fitout. Hiring the very best construction specialists in your area is essential, especially if the premises are found in a prestigious CBD location such as Bourke, Collins or La Trobe Street.

The layout of your workplace will affect staff productivity and morale and should therefore be at the forefront of your mind during construction. These questions are vital to the success of any commercial office fitouts:

 - Will the layout help or hinder workers?
 - How often will specific spaces be used?
 - Will the surroundings support your staff?

Think about the physical space you are building in the Melbourne City Centre so you can create an office design that helps everyone complete their goals in an efficient, convenient manner.

Furnishings & Equipment

Once the physical walls, windows and partitions have been built, it will be time to choose furniture conducive to business growth. When conducting office fit outs in Melbourne suburbs such as Carlton, Southbank or Richmond, ask your chosen commercial interior design specialist about which furniture will be most suitable. They will help answer important questions including:

 - How can you cater to your employees’ basic needs?
 - What is required for more efficient use of space?
 - Which items offer flexibility for a range of employees?
 - Which furniture reflects positively on your brand image?
 - Is there enough room for files, supplies & equipment?

By choosing corporate furniture carefully, you can cater to your staff needs and ensure better results. Commercial office fit outs by Concept Office Interiors will guarantee all of this and more for businesses from Carlton Gardens to Government House and beyond.

The Finishing Touches

Lastly, you’ll need to think about the smaller details of your newly constructed workplace. Your commercial fit out will include these fittings and fixtures to make your CBD office competitive, efficient and comfortable:

 - Sockets
 - Lights
 - Alarms
 - Heating
 - Telephones
 - Curtains
 - Noticeboards
 - Fridges
 - Computers

These finishing touches should satisfy two criteria: they should give your staff the right tools to do their job and produce a setting that matches your brand. When conducting a commercial office fit out, these aspects are vitally important. The final building will be one in which your employees can work which also provides a positive impression to all clients.

The three steps presented here are necessary for the success of any commercial office fitout whether you are on the banks of the Yarra or opposite Fitzroy Gardens. Whether constructing the physical space, adding furniture or including the finishing touches, care is required so your premises stimulate corporate growth in the future.
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Concept Office Interiors are designers and project managers, having completed thousands of projects around Melbourne, Victoria over the last 25 years.
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