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Heuristic for avoiding the most mind numbing of social media:

Once you've seen more than one meme, log out.

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Philippines establishing multinational brands with the use of its diaspora?
Pretty cool
The Filipino restaurant chain Jollibee now has a location in Queens, New York. By targeting groups of emigrants abroad, emerging market companies like this one are building international brands.

Hello there data people.

I will graduate from a PhD in Physics in a few months. My work for my PhD involved using software to run atomistic simulations. This involved some coding and some exposure to parallel programming.

My question for you guys is:
Can I become a data scientist and, if so, how would I go about doing it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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From Michael Gove, the UK Secretary of Education:

"Q98 Chair: One is: if "good" requires pupil performance to exceed the national average, and if all schools must be good, how is this mathematically possible?
Michael Gove: By getting better all the time.
Q99 Chair: So it is possible, is it?
Michael Gove: It is possible to get better all the time.
Q100 Chair: Were you better at literacy than numeracy, Secretary of State?
Michael Gove: I cannot remember."

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Happy Canada Day everyone.

Below is a picture of me with my favourite Canadian, +Rachel Sachs.


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I'd like to point out that the vast majority of people in the Republic of Ireland don't say "aye".

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The petition to support free access to publicly funded research has crossed 20K! We're 4/5 of the way there, in less than half the time. All we really need is just one more push and we've made it! Could you take a moment and send the petition to someone you know? This affects everyone - patients, small business owners, doctors, and the general public, all over the world.
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