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$25 $50 and $100 gift certificates are available for the holidays and year round at our Web site If you know an individual that is experiencing computer or tech issues, this would make for a great gift.

We provided customer support in northern WI one day last week for a business transition to a new company. Thursday stayed after closing time half an hour to finish helping out a lady get everything setup.

We spent 1 hour 15 minutes on the phone with AT&T. A customer's outgoing e-mail was disabled due to the password being stolen and then used to send spam out. E-mail activity in his account was showing logins from 6-8 foreign countries.

A Google Chromebook wasn't charging the battery on arrival. After taking apart and reassembling, it started working again. The jack was getting 12v at all the testing points and not loose. We tried to wiggle the cord around but it kept charging. It might have been an electrical short but we'll keep an eye on the motherboard also if it gets worse

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We can recover files from most devices includes hard drives, flash drives, and camera/phone cards. Very important to stop using the device files are on right away and bring it to our shop. If you continue using it and decide you want to recover documents/photos you lost 6 months ago, the chances of recovery are unlikely. A hardware problem with the device would require it to be sent out to a recovery company with a cleanroom but it gets expensive for those projects. None are located in Green Bay.

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Many are receiving an e-mail 'sextortion' scam demanding a Bitcoin ransom since they have one of your passwords and hacked your webcam. If you don't pay up within 48 hours, the message indicates they have all your e-mail contacts and will send contacts material you don't want them to see. We talked with a caller this week that received it and we've seen the e-mail in our inbox also a couple of times.

There was a widespread known password data breach a couple years ago where data is freely available on the dark web. If the hackers do in fact list a valid correct password in the message, change ALL accounts using it. It'll be an older password. A lot of times the password is incorrect however. The rest of the message is false and can be ignored. Don't respond to the e-mail or pay the ransom!

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A new router was setup at Barington Capital Management across from middle school I attended. We've been seeing issues with Windows being in 'selective startup' mode. This caused Internet/printer to not work in one and laptop to not even get to desktop in another. The recent storms have caused hardware failures with power supplies and motherboards.

A church business office in Green Bay we assisted in getting an individual back into their Hotmail account. Two weeks later fixed no Internet problem there on a Windows 7 machine.

Currently, an Imac with Bootcamp has a white screen of death no matter what we do. Probably have to backup files and reinstall. A backup image would have been needed to restore from in this situation. Might have been a problem with a Windows update/driver.

The physical power button was broken on an HP Envy X360 M6 model. We had to replace the entire palmrest and keyboard with a working button.

Computer Repairs & Solutions in July replaced the screen in a Samsung Google Chromebook, the entire lcd back cover in another, and 5 keyboard keys that were missing/damaged. Mr. French from Rocketplane Global LLC stopped by the office to have Office 365 installed. His laptop trackpad(mouse) hardware was not functioning correctly and he had to buy a usb or wireless mouse as a replacement. A customer couldn't send outgoing e-mails in Mozilla Thunderbird due to a bug in the software with the password.

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Onsite help with these two. They were mostly trying to see what was in the bag.

Last week helped a Midwest Dental location out since their IT department couldn't connect to it remotely. The Bike Hub in De Pere was helped late on a Friday afternoon quickly. They couldn't print anything at all including checks. One of their old HP printers that wasn't even used at the business anymore had a lot of leftovers causing the issue. Lastly, an Imac had its graphics card replaced. The screen was black only. The problem is the parts in them are proprietary and you have to order one to find out keeping your fingers crossed. Sometimes it's the LED backlight board that is at fault not the graphics card.
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