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With so many new ways to communicate with potential clients, cold-calling is becoming a thing of the past. See why, at the link below, and also the new (and some old) ways of soft-sell marketing. And by all means, get out there and meet people in person, because it's a lot easier to associate a name with a face. People tend to remember that more than a cold-call from someone they might not know. And be sure to watch the video attached with the page at the link below.

My personal Google + will remain up for those of you who wish to remain there and communicate with me there.

It hard to believe, but Computer Publishing Concepts is celebrating its 22nd anniversary this month.

I would like to ask all the people who were kind enough to join my circles at the Computer Publishing Concepts Design Talk to join me here for discussion. It will be much easier for me to communicate with you here, and we can have hangouts. Please visit me here instead of that Google+ page. BTW: Everyone who asked me to join that Google+ page has been added, including those who were pending. Please bring your discussions here.

I would like to invite all my LinkedIn contacts to join me on my new Computer Publishing Concepts Google + page.

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Just to let everyone know: I will be retaining my personal Google + page for those of you who want to stay there. But all of you on that page are invited to come here as well!
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