As the UK's recession continues to hold the finances of both businesses and families in an unrelenting grip, statistics gathered this week reveal that the average amount couples are spending on their wedding in the UK has dropped for the second year in a row, now standing at just under £14,500.

The figures released by us are based on a sample of over 1,600 wedding insurance policies purchased via to cover weddings taking place in 2012. They reveal that the average cost of a wedding has dropped by a full 10% on 2011, and is now at the lowest for many years.

With so many businesses and service providers being forced out of business by the uncertain financial climate many couples are choosing to be more cautious in planning their big day. It seems that many are now shopping around for the best deals, as well as exploring potential DIY alternatives. The figures also show that more people than ever are purchasing wedding insurance policies, and doing so earlier than in previous years.

With many wedding insurance policies starting from as little as £20, and covering everything from the caterers and photographer to the bride's dress and the rings, having suitable cover has never been more important.
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