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Community Quick Cash Advance and Payday Loans
Cash Advance, Payday Loans, Installment Personal Loans in Crestwood, Kirkwood, Saint Louis. Watson at Lindbergh
Cash Advance, Payday Loans, Installment Personal Loans in Crestwood, Kirkwood, Saint Louis. Watson at Lindbergh

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Free Fun in the Saint Louis sun! Pack the family for three days of Fair Saint Louis with 30,000 of your closest friends. It's Saint Louis biggest annual outdoor party and you're invited. Great music this year and many other attractions. Follow this link to learn more about what and where during the event. Great fireworks too!
Have fun, and let us know if we can help with your plans.

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Scrambling for gift ideas for Dad? Just four days left to figure it out. Here is a link to a nice collection of gifts and thought starters for you. Don't stress about it because you seldom get the "perfect" gift. Just get him something that let's him know you care.
Need to stretch that budget a bit farther? Call us-

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We just had Veteran's Day, so what's the need for Flag Day?
A holiday only since 1949, Flag day starts the begins of three weeks leading up to July 4, a period referred to as Honor America Days. Didn't know that? Follow this link to discover more about this often undervalued celebration.
From your friends at

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Flood water everywhere. Our Pacific office has 3 ft. of water inside just since this morning. It will be closed at least into Friday, and Fenton is an island office until Thursday. Your calls will still be answered and payments are accepted by phone.
U-Haul has been helping flood families with 30 days of free storage during the flood. They helped us, happy to sing their praises.

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Picking up on a theme from a few weeks ago, let's share some more information about saving money by cutting the Cable Cord now using ROKU.
Like Amazon's Firebox, it hooks directly to your TV as a secondary input. Services now also include Live Sports from ESPN and Fox, although there is currently a small fee (about $20) to view the package. ROKU boxes are cheap to try and can be run with your current cable setup, allowing you to compare before making the switch. 

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Warm spring evenings are upon us and everyone wants to get out for an evening with friends. Tired of being cooped up inside? Maybe It's time to cut loose for a rare occasion with live music? When did you last go out to hear a band? If you want to make a memory with friends, here's a place to search out a date at the Hollywood Casino Ampitheater. Let us know if we can help you fit it in the budget

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Why is Easter the most important day of the year for Christians? What is the mystery celebrated of Easter? We hope Easter 2017 allows everyone to reunite with friends, family and their Faith. Here is a link to discover more about the reason for all the excitement. Hope to see you Sunday-

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Ever wondered what our Redbird players & staff are doing between games?. They're out in the community, spreading cheer and charity. Take a look what the guys and gals wearing birds on the bat may be doing next here from the Cardinals Website
Spring is here, and so is Baseball! Those great lazy afternoons, relaxing with the hum of the radio, family and a cold frosty beverage. It's a summertime soundtrack everyone can recall.
Itching to take in a game but not in this week's budget? We can help-

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Saving some money through technology is great, especially if you pay $100 a month in high cable or satellite bills. Innovations are growing out there; Roku, Fire Stick and FireTV, let alone the options available by linking a computer to your television and increased over the air TV channels.
We'd like to share the next posts about saving money by "cutting the cord" and presenting some option. We'd like to start this week forwarding links on using a FireTV box

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Would a three person panel be more likely to develop rational solutions than a single individual? Who's interests are protected when one person is allowed to act alone without accountability? Seem the time is coming for the CFPB to look and act like nearly every other government agency.
Learn more at
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