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Community Links (South Lanarkshire)
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About us


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Hello and welcome to the new and improved Community Links Google+ Page! As always, we aim to keep you updated as often as possible about the work we are involved in.

We are a Lanarkshire-based organisation with a proven track record and passion for working with communities to inspire local champions to identify, develop and create long lasting community-owned change.

Our main services include:

- Tailor-made consultation and engagement services to the private, public and voluntary sector
- Community Development
- Supporting Employment and Learning by Empowering Communities in - Technology (SELECT) Project
- Volunteering Opportunities
- Social Marketing
- Bespoke Training
- Event Planning
- Room Hire

To find out more, or join #TeamCommLinks, please call (01698) 827583 or email:

You may also wish to follow us on other social media accounts as detailed below:

- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- YouTube:
- Instagram:
- Pinterest:
- Instagram (Fergus):

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