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Happy Star Wars Tuesday!
#StarWarsTuesday   #JediPlusto  
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We are arriving today. Get ready!
Arriving in 90 minutes: Get ready to welcome Plusto as I demo a new Chrome Extension! (click play - 10 seconds)
If you use Google+ communities, you will love it!
#commoogle   #getready  
Huge thanks to +David Stickney for his video genius.
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Hurry up ... Got places to go .. people to meet .... 
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Happy Rubik Tuesday!
Plusto thought he would join in the fun with Plustocubik.
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Merry Christmas everyone!
And please welcome the final family member to the collection in 2013: Plustoclaus 
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Merry Christmas Plusto :)
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Well, this is a first for Commoogle!
Thanks +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales for supporting the #movember  cause and sporting a Plustachio t-shirt whilst doing a selfie :D
Nicely done.
How are you supporting the Plustachios?

It's tough to get the whole shirt in a selfie :) but have you bought yours yet?

If not, check out

How good can you make this shirt look?
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+Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales thanks I will:))
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Say 'ello to...Plustombie!
Hope you are getting ready for the big day...
Note: everyone who shares this post will be able to collect the badge when the extension launches (soon!).
And you can still get Plustacula if you share this one:
#halloween2013   #halloween  
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Cool +Greg Snow! Will add to both then ;)
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This is what Commoogle is all about!
Programmable notifications system for Google+ communities, and beyond! (VIDEO is about 4 mins)
Imagine a way on Google+ to tailor and deliver the 'right messages to the right people, at the right time...'

Well, this is exactly what we have created!

The quick video will show you a demo of a programmable desktop notification, and 'badging system' to follow soon  - meaning you can e.g. attribute different 'levels of competence' to people in a community, and deliver unique content to specifically them.

It is about you, and your community. (to request Beta access, see below)
But here is the thing: you will be able to decide how you and your community want to use it (within reason, of course)!
You will decide on the images, the call to action, and where people will 'land' next, as well as 'when' they see it.
It may be a featured article, a 'member of the week', a link to a quiz/test on knowledge, directing people to a YouTube video of the day, a free course at the right level for that person, special 'bonus content', pretty much anything.

Sound good?! We hope so.

As you can see from the video, we have an AWESOME working prototype, but need your help over the coming months...

Would you like your 'Google+ community'  to be considered for Beta testing? (you'll need to be the owner/moderator)
If so, please let us know now by filling in the  in the Google form below:
You can also leave feedback on the concept and request additional features.

We are not going to rush a release, so please be patient. Most probably middle of summer 2014.
We want to get it working 100% right for my own communities first and will make sure it is super awesome for you all.

Background and thanks.
Myself and +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh have been working on this for about 9 months now. And I'd like to say a big thank you for all his hard work.
Thank to +Linda Dee and +George Sepich for being the midwives at many of the births of Plusto's characters Don't know Plusto? He is the little robot fella.
Thank you once more to +David Stickney for all his help on the videos.
And thanks to earlier testers; things have really moved on now!
Btw, we called it commoogle as we believe in the power of the Google+ community. Now we have a system that may well help us take things even further...

Thank for your interest and we look forward to hearing what you think!
Are you commoogling? (almost!)

#commoogle   #chromeextensions   #plusto  
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Awww. Thanks!
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Meet Super-Plusto!
It's Not About the Tights: An Owners Manual on Bravery
Because sometimes we all need a push in the right direction:
#bravery   #hackyourworld  
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+Commoogle I will try and get it via ...
Thanks Martin :-) 
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
This character is an Irish leprechaun so we called him, wait for it...Plustachaun!
#stpatricksday2014   #stpatricksday2014  
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They are all delightful, thank you - have a great w/e!
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Happy #Halloween ! Will you be choose to a Zombie or a Vampire?
Simply share either (or both) of the posts in the links below and we will award you choice with that badge when commoogle launches later this year.
Have an excellent Halloween and don't be too scary...
#Zombie  - Plustombie
#Vampire  - Plustacula
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Love it... I'll be both:-)
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Engagement tools for the Google+ community
This Google+ Page and Chrome Extension (coming soon) enables you to display badges for your skills, knowledge, hobbies, level of community engagement and much more.
Watch this space as it will be rolling out in September/October...