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Commonsense Marketing
Clever Marketing Strategy and Services to Fire Up Your Business
Clever Marketing Strategy and Services to Fire Up Your Business

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"Planning, Developing and Using Business Case Studies

If you’d like to delve right into planning, structuring and using case studies – download our free guide The Commonsense Marketing Guide to Case Studies.

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Case Studies are pure gold when it comes to marketing your business. If properly structured and well written, a case study is so much more powerful than just a testimonial.

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In my latest guest post, I’m throwing down a challenge to all business owners.

I want you to stop for a moment, and analyse your marketing efforts to see how much of it is going into customer marketing.

Then, work out how much time is spent on existing customers.

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Seven Essential Components of your Digital Marketing Ecosystem #smallbusiness #marketing

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The marketing discipline of search engine optimization (SEO) continues to change rapidly; many marketers can barely keep pace.

Advances in technology and Google’s algorithm updates require businesses to continually optimize their SEO strategy.

The basics can be overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know:

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These days only around 2-5% of Facebook fans will see your message and a small percentage of your Twitter following sees one specific Tweet. Email is not perfect either, but an average of 78% messages are delivered and if your subject line is enticing, a good percentage will be opened.

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Here are five quick ways you can improve your existing web content right now.

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A great blog will provide value to your visitors, demonstrate your industry authority, and increase traffic. Coming up with interesting blog post ideas can be tricky at times, so here are a few places you can find inspiration.

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As business owners, we know we should be spending at least 20% of our time each week working on activities that will grow and develop the business, and at least 70% of our week doing stuff that brings in the money.
Whether you’ve just started your business, or you’ve been going for a while, you will never achieve good profitable growth if you keep doing stuff that doesn’t develop your business or bring in money.
The answer is to stop doing these things, and pay someone – like a Virtual Assistant (VA) to do these things for you.
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