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Xfinity TV Comes to the Xbox 360- Check out the top FAQs
Get to know XFINITY TV on Xbox 360. Get thousands of movies and TV shows from XFINITY® On Demand, direct to your Xbox 360®. And with Kinect™, use your voice to quickly find what you are looking for – ...
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Comcast and @HBO are in discussions to increase the accessibility to @HBOGO for our customers.
I'm sure I'll become a sore thumb on this issue, but +Comcastcares how long will the Android version of Xfinity TV streaming, or StreamPix, be "Coming Soon"? Just a little bit of detail on development goes a long way. It's been over a year since the Comcast CEO said it was on the way? Leaving me, and others, in the dark is not helping me hold off on looking to Netflix, or Amazon Instant Video, etc.
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