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How to stop cold draughts entering via overflow pipes.

If you are still on a mission to locate and stop those annoying draughts you may be wondering how cold air can enter your home from so many different places.

One source that maybe isn't so obvious is an external overflow pipe.

You'll see often see these pipes protruding from the outside wall of your property.

They are a safety device designed to prevent flooding if your cistern, bath, sink or water tank overflows.

However, they can also let cold draughts (and insects) into your home.

During prolonged cold weather periods these cold draughts could also cause any internal pipes close to them to freeze.

An easy way of preventing draughts from an external overflow pipe is to cut off the thumb end of a flexible rubber glove and secure it over the pipe outlet with a jubilee clip or a plastic cable fastener.

Alternatively, make a flap from metal or plastic, with a hinge created from the same material.

Secure this in the same manner as suggested above.
This will provide an effective draught reduction measure without compromising the safety purpose of the overflow pipe.

Don't forget to seal any gaps between the wall or bricks where the outlet protrudes with mortar or mastic filler.
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We are bathroom designers and installers based in north wales. We have a huge range of products available, from tiles to toilet roll holders, beautifully designed furniture to ceiling panels. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any enquiry you may have. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation.
01745 604979
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It's a cold and frosty your bedroom!

And almost immediately you realise that the gas boiler has stopped working.

But you are going to get out of bed and get the problem sorted. Brrr!

So you've checked the boiler is turned on, the thermostats and programmers are correctly set. But the boiler is displaying an error code.

The boiler manual informs you that you must call out a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Now, if you are fortunate to know of a reliable company, like Combico Heating for example, things may not be too bad.

But unfortunately, many people don't. They just go straight to the phone or internet to seek some emergency heating repair company.

This is often as a panic response to the situation. And the first entry or search result is often the one contacted.

And some of these companies are far from reputable.

You may get your heating restored, but it could take far longer than it should.

It could also cost you a darn sight more than you expected.

It could cost you your life!

Avoid having to make an emergency rush decision.

Ask family and friends for recommendations first, preferably before you need to call one.

Keep the number of the trusted and reliable heating engineer safe and somewhere where you can easily find it.

If you are really stuck, go to the Gas Safe website and find a registered heating engineer in your locality.

And for Bolton, Chorley, Blackburn, Burnley, Darwen, Manchester and all surrounding areas keep this number handy.

Combico Heating 01204 326117
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OPEN - For Collection or Free Delivery
- Whatever you Need - At the Best Prices with the Best Service Guaranteed - Plumbers Merchant owned by Plumbers that know what they're talking about
- 020 8597 8083
- 07966 485 635
Roy +Plumbpoint Essex Ltd 
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Truly Beautiful Backsplashes: Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level

When is a backsplash not just a backsplash? With a little attention to detail, these eleven kitchens take the backsplash from a run-of-the-mill design feature to the focal point of the whole room

Above: Hexagonal cement tiles make an arresting pattern on the backsplash of a Swedish kitchen from Houzz.

via +Apartment Therapy

#Tiles #Kitchen #Style
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Good diggs are impotant for a good nights sleep
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Getting colour schemes right.
Color selection is one of the most important factors to consider when you redecorate. Did you know color is responsible for more than 60% of a persons’ response to a particular place? Check out these color selection tips here. #SherriffGoslin
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Is sludge a problem in your radiators?

If you've got your gas central heating turned on are you experiencing any of the following issues?

Boiler regularly cutting out and having to be re-set.

Radiators not warming up or developing hot and cold spots.

Rooms taking longer to warm up when the controls are adjusted.

Unusual leaks around the radiators and fittings.

Black liquid emerging when the radiators are bled.

A sludge and debris accumulation in the feed and expansion tank.

Any or all of the above could be an indicator that your heating system requires a good clean and a flush through.

Although you can undertake this job yourself by draining and flushing the system with a hose pipe, it can be a messy job and may not be as effective as having your heating system power flushed by a professional company.

Professional power flushing services use specialised chemicals that help break down solidified deposits that are then flushed out of the system by a carefully regulated flow of water under pressure.

The system is then refilled with the addition of corrosion inhibiting substances that will keep your heating fluids circulating freely.

Once free of debris, your heating system will work much more efficiently and, what is more, the system and boiler will last considerably longer.

For further advice on power flushing contact your local heating and plumbing specialist.
Based in Bolton (BL1 7AL) Combico Heating Cover Bolton, Chorley, Blackburn, Burnley, Darwen, Manchester and all surrounding areas.
Give us a call for more information.
Combico Heating  01204 326117 
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It seems that we have truly entered a new era in energy production—in renewable energy production, that is. Over the past new months, the cost of solar power has plummeted, and it seems that things are going to stay this way. Indeed, “there’s no reason why the cost of solar will ever increase again,” former Masdar Clean Energy director Frank Wouters noted in a recent interview with Electrek.
If governments and innovators continue to invest in these energy sources in the way that they have been, Wouters statements are easy to believe.
In just 5 months, prices have dropped some 25%. This development is shown in the recent, and staggeringly low, construction bids on solar projects in China ($0.46/W for 500MW of solar power) and Dubai ($0.023/kWh for 1.2GW of solar power).

Several factors have driven these relatively inexpensive bids. In China, solar power is incentivized. To that end, decreasing hardware prices have largely fueled the drastic drop—solar panel costs, for instance, have declined remarkably since the first quarter of this year. And in Abu Dhabi, solar panels produce more power than usual because the city enjoys some of the best sunlight exposure in the world.
Still, Abu Dhabi isn’t the only location with ideal conditions.
Last year, Costa Rica powered itself purely with renewable energy for 299 days total. This year, they already surpassed 150 days. The success, as is true in the other recent successes, isn’t just due to the country’s size or location. The government is serious in its effort to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.
And other countries are also stepping up to the plate. Thus, this most recent drops herald a notable trend that is, at the present time, showing no sign of slowing.
In Nevada, a 100MW solar project is expected to deliver electricity at $0.04/kWh. Chile and India are also experiencing similar efficiency.

Now, we need to really invest in renewable grid storage solutions. Fortunately, a number of companies already have such solutions in the works.
From the moment it was launched, the Tesla Powerwall was a massive success. The device, which was introduced last year is already sold out, and it is speculated to have already reached some $1 billion in sales.
Basically, the massive battery allows you to stock solar energy and use it to run your home’s electricity after dark.
The batteries are designed to tap into backup power when the grid goes down, or to be used in tandem with solar panels to access solar energy in the evening, making it a smart and reliable source of power during the harsh winter seasons or other chaotic times.
In any case, one thing seems to be certain: Technology for developing renewable sources of energy gets better through time. And while it does, the cost of an energy efficient world becomes more and more affordable.
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