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Android Splash Screens are Evil
Gotta agree with Cyril Mottier here, the added APK bloat size for splash screens, (along with the delay'd application launch experience) creates a bad experience for users.

Note: People who bought my book dealing with Android development will probably notice this article looks like a section of the fourth chapter “ …
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Remember, placeholder background images are splash screens. It's a subtle distinction but one that seems to confuse people.
For a seriously bloated app startup experience try Wordament or Snap Attack. With two(!) splash screens, 2-3 seconds to connect to their servers, another 2-3 seconds to login (seriously?), it's close to 10 seconds before you can start a game.
Ugh i don't get the hate. Would you rather stare at a blank screen loading, instead of looking at a picture that hides the loading in the background till it's done??
Why do so many Google apps now have a splash screen? Difference in implementation?
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... weren't official Android Developers suggesting creating loading screens, á la Google+, YouTube and Maps?
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