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God's Little Acre
America's Colonial African Cemetery Newport, Rhode Island
America's Colonial African Cemetery Newport, Rhode Island

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We have our first backer on Kickstarter! As a “Thanks!” for being our very first backer, I’m sending the booklet “A Visual Remembrance: African Slave Markers in Colonial Newport. This booklet was printed in 2006 with the establishment of the first sign for God’s Little Acre. It is a self-guided walking tour of the cemetery and contains a map and a few vignettes about some of the families buried there.

Thank you “Karen!”

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2006 a sign commemorating the lives and accomplishments of enslaved and free Africans in colonial Newport was erected in God’s Little Acre. However, the many storms and rough New England weather took a toll on the wooden sign, and in 2011 Hurricane Irene finally damaged the sign beyond repair.

We have redesigned this tribute - to the historic burial ground, the oldest and largest surviving collection of burial markers of enslaved and free persons of African heritage - and the people who contributed so much to our history – this time of weather resistant materials meant to last through the roughest of weather!

Keeping the historic look, the angel from the headstone of Solomon Nuba Tikey, the young son of Arthur Tikey (Flagg) adorns the front of the sign, while on the back the Sankofa symbol reminds all that we must remember our past to create our future.

Many of you have asked how to help return the sign to God’s Little Acre. Now I have the answer. We have started a Kickstarter Project - God's Little Acre Sign Project - to raise the funds to replace the sign next spring. Please visit to see the video, read about the project, and give us your support. While you’re at it – Pass it On!

This historic place deserves the recognition of its sign. Please help us save it from anonymity.

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