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Colman Fink
Wildlife enthusiast; martial arts instructor; student of the martial arts; scholar warrior; mainframe geek
Wildlife enthusiast; martial arts instructor; student of the martial arts; scholar warrior; mainframe geek

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This "Bearcat'" Smells Like Popcorn
The binturong is an interesting creature! It has a face like a cat, a body like a bear, and a tail like a monkey,

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Man walking dogs goes viral on Chinese internet
"Video captured by a cell phone shows that a man did more than walking his dogs on the walkway in Qingdao, Shandong Province."

Cute and certainly well trained!

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Escalator alternative: Chinese mall builds slide
"People were filmed riding a 16-meter-high slide from the fourth floor to the ground floor in a shopping mall in southwestern China’s Chongqing city on Wednesday. The slide is reportedly 46.8 meters long and it takes riders just 12 seconds to travel the full distance."

Something I would do if I wanted to get to the ground floor quickly.

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6 Things you didn't know about everyday objects
Well, I certainly learned something today. 

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Why Elk Calves Are Undetectable to Yellowstone's Wolves

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Precious golden monkey found in central China
'A wild golden monkey, one of China's "national treasures" and placed under the country's top state protection, appeared at a tourist spot in central China's Hunan Province on February 9. Workers at the tourist spot in Shennongjia County found the monkey climbing and jumping on trees while they were clearing the snow. The golden monkey was not afraid of the workers, and approached them, who soon figured that the beautiful creature might be a stray, and offered it some food, such as apples and peanuts.'

Cute little thing!

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Mazda Ice Academy – Predictive AWD | Driving Matters® | Mazda USA
Hmmm. Something to consider on my next car. Some great scenery in this video.

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Lantern Shows Across China Gear Up to Celebrate Lantern Festival

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Could This New Method Store Summer Heat For Winter?

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Advanced Robotic Bat Can Fly Like the Real Thing
That is pretty cool but kinda creepy!
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