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1 Million Members on the Envato Marketplaces [infographic]
As Envato recently hit one million Marketplace members to their network of sites and marketplaces, we thought we'd throw together an infographic to help visualise this amazing achievement. Thanks to ...
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Congrats, a huge, well deserved milestone for you guys!
Great infographic and comparisons :) Great job, guys. Keep up the good work!
We are building our website with Envato's various purchased files from your sites.  

Congratulations to you and your team on your achievements, keep up the good work!  

I'm just surprised that you are not very well known in America...  You are like a good secret kept for media professionals for the moment.  Wait until pros of the North America learn about your sites, it will explode with sales!

Nice..congrats to hit that mark at 2011!!
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