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Collin Tate
Multi-Faceted Marketer. Disruptive Career Blogger. Rabble-Rouser
Multi-Faceted Marketer. Disruptive Career Blogger. Rabble-Rouser


Thanks for accepting me into the group +Aaron Bradley​. Really looking forward to learning from everyone and sharing my semantic exploits with the group. I'm very happy to be part of this intelligent and thriving community!

A co-worker asked me an interesting question today. "Is it fair to say that pages with a multitude of media types e.g. video, audio, text, doc, etc., tend to rank higher?" Any ideas where I can find an article discussing this topic?

Forgive me if this is a silly question, but ...

If I accidentally overwrote an existing, well-crawled XML sitemap with a version that is completely empty (no links or meta data), what would happen? Google would still end up naturally crawling my website, eventually, right? I can't imagine that this would impact my rankings, or would it?

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Nabisco/Oreo did it spectacularly during the Super Bowl. Lean Cuisine nailed it during the Oscars. But, in order to do it right,  #Newsjacking requires two things...
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