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Scrapbooking, Quilting, Crocheting
Scrapbooking, Quilting, Crocheting

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Mail day yesterday- new edition to the collection!

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Here goes the sale, I have 2 each of Creature, Copperbot, and Darknet from  Series 1.  You can see my other post trying to have the checked out by those who usually know. :)   The androids are $50 each including US shipping. I will figure the actual shipping for international members.  I DO NOT HAVE THE ORIGINAL BOXES.  That said they will be lovingly and carefully prepared for shipping.

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In my efforts to collect a full set of Series 1 I wound up with a number of duplicates.  I bought all in good faith from individuals I believed were original collectors.  None had boxes.   Before I offer my extras to the community, I thought I would post pictures so those of you "in the know" can tell me if any of them seem to be fake, in which case the offenders will be disposed of.  Thanks 
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In my continuing effort to make room for new androids- I have this set of 8 damaged androids- broken antenna that I would like to offer to anyone "testing" customizing or with small children. LOL  The set is $30 shipped in US- actual shipping internationally.  Let me know if you are interested.  I also still have a number of androids still available from my last posting.

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My pictures finally uploaded! Thank  Rudy Ramirez

I love my androids!
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In preparation and to make space for the slew of holiday and set 5 that is due out, I want to sell some of my extra's.  Attached are pictures of a few of the ones I have for sale, with boxes and foil.   Price is $12 each including shipping in the US  and I have multiples of most of them.  If you buy 5, the sixth one is free.  
For international shipping- I can get back to you with the actual additional shipping amount.   
Please send me a message through hangouts or post here if you are interested.  
The ones I have available are:
Series 3
Cry-on- sold out
Escape Ape
Sir Knightly Bild
Nexus- sold out
Barista Bot- sold out
Prfessor Skully 
Intergactic - sold out

Bernard- sold out
BlueBot- sold out
HexCode- sold out

Thank you  
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I'm so sad- was the first to post after ordering right at 11:00 and I have not received mine yet. :(     Maybe tomorrow.  (sigh) 

Got my Heroes and Villains sets ordered! Now back to work. LOL

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A bit late, but thank you +Hitoshi Mitani  for the "extras".  Now all I need is to find a battery. :)
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Found this when I got back home!  Thank you +Jim Long 
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